Innovation, expansion and sustainability fuel Wilcon Depot’s Q1

A leap and a dragon year.

Beyond these auspicious signals, Wilcon Depot has jump-started its first quarter beyond star gazing. Instead, it is fortifying its grip on the top rung of the construction landscape by zeroing on what matters most – innovation, expansion and sustainability.

Wilcon Depot has always pursued excellence in its operations – from the procurement of the simplest premium bolt to the more complex products that make for excellent and resilient construction masterpieces and modern homes. It pushes its commitment to every Filipino home and builder by mirroring its core values in its activities and operations as it grows and responds to the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

Wilcon Depot’s recent events and activities highlight its commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and collaborative efforts, making it a trailblazer in the industry.

Wilcon Depot “Dapat Totoo” Sales kick-off

Integrity is key in Wilcon Depot’s DNA. It highlighted its “Dapat Totoo” theme at the Annual Sales Kick-Off. This theme embodied Wilcon’s core values of honesty, integrity, and real customer service.

And this commitment to values shows in the company we keep.

Consider the roster of distinguished guest speakers that graced the event – Ms. Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Wilcon Depot; Arch. Cathy Saldaña-Siegel, President of PDP Architects and an acclaimed award-winning architect; Mr. Jako de Leon, the President of the Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines (CICP), and Ms. Maria “Monette” Montserrat Iturralde-Hamlin, Founder and President of TeamAsia and other socio-civic organizations.

The 5-day conference gathered Wilcon leaders across the nation and ended with a wealth of insightful guidance, empowering each participant to embrace the value of Integrity in both their personal and professional spheres with the goal of elevating the company’s excellent customer service.

Embracing Sustainability: Wilcon Depot’s Sustainable Shopper Bag

As part of Wilcon Depot Sustainable Choice campaign that aims to empower each customer to live and breathe sustainability, Wilcon Depot introduced its sustainable bag. This is in line with the company’s effort to reduce the environmental impact of shopping and promote eco-friendly practices.

While years ago, sustainable shopping bags would have been foreign to customers, people are gradually learning to imbibe this valuable habit. Wilcon Depot is helping them adopt a sustainable lifestyle but transitioning into these seemingly mundane practices and realizing that every little bit of effort in sustainability makes an indelible mark.

And not only that. The trend to find sustainable solutions and to make these practices second nature will not be a mere trend. Wilcon Depot promises to keep seeking sustainable solutions for every Filipino home. The company will continue to walk the talk and do its bit to be more environmentally friendly.

Expansion of Wilcon Depot with New Store Launches

Another significant milestone was the opening of Do It Wilcon branches in Morong, Rizal; Valencia, Bukidnon and its 93rd store in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. Expansion in Wilcon Depot’s playbook is not simply adding edifices to reach our 100th store milestone. Moreover, the rise of our stores in strategic locations nationwide is a testament to Wilcon Depot’s promise to be within striking distance of customers who need them most. To be true to its calling to empower the Filipino builder, Wilcon Depot has to be accessible, and right at the heart of every building artery.

Further expanding its reach, Wilcon Depot launched its store in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. Wilcon’s presence in Mindanao also showcased its commitment to supporting local economies and communities across the Philippines. These three store openings are just steps towards achieving its #FlyingHighto100 store campaign, demonstrating Wilcon’s objective to growth strategy and dedication to reaching new heights in serving customers nationwide.

Celebrating the Year of the Wood Dragon with Marites Allen at Wilcon Depot

Aside from store expansions and sustainability initiatives, Wilcon also conducted an event during the Chinese New Year, to which the company invited the Feng Shui expert Ms. Marites Allen to give tips for home transformation. “A year of transformation, abundance, and letting go.” With these words, Allen encouraged participants to embrace change, welcome prosperity, and release anything that holds them back, as the Wood Dragon symbolizes a period of change.

Wilcon Depot’s Active Participation in Worldbex 2024

Wilcon Depot did not stop reaching its customers nationwide. In its continuous participation in expositions like WORLDBEX 2024, Wilcon Depot remains bigger, better, and bolder as the retail giant secures yet another award for this year’s most interactive and informative booth. The company has proven its commitment to innovation, translating it into excellence in booth design and the execution of activities.

Strategic Partnership Between Wilcon Depot and Hilti

Since the company has become the go-to destination for all-around home building and improvement needs. A notable collaboration was forged when it partnered with Hilti, renowned for its rental construction tools. This partnership enables Wilcon to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality rental tools, empowering contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals with access to cutting-edge equipment without needing large investments.

Business Icon Award from PCCI-QC and UST’s Tribute to Wilcon Depot’s Chairman Emeritus

Behind Wilcon Depot’s remarkable milestones and enduring success stands a visionary leader whose dedication and strategic insight have shaped the company’s journey: Mr. William T. Belo. As the Chairman Emeritus of Wilcon Depot, Mr. Belo’s leadership has been instrumental in steering the company towards innovation, growth, and excellence.

Recently, Mr. Belo received his ‘Business Icon Award from the esteemed Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Quezon City (PCCI-QC). This recognition was awarded during the induction and turnover ceremonies themed ‘Act. Deliver. Make A Difference.’

Aside from that, the University of Santo Tomas dedicated its new building to Wilcon Depot Chairman Emeritus, Mr. William T. Belo, naming it the Dr. William T. Belo Interdisciplinary Research Institute (UST-WitBIRIn) as the university acknowledged his contributions to education and innovation. This honor reflects Wilcon’s enduring legacy and impact beyond the business realm, emphasizing its commitment to education and community development.

Just three months in the year and Wilcon Depot is notching milestones fast.

All these highlight its multifaceted approach to growth, sustainability, partnerships, and community engagement. At the pace it’s going and with 3 more quarters to go, it is crystal clear that Wilcon will be a major cog in shaping the home improvement and construction landscape of the country.

After all, it is a leap and a dragon year.