Cybergate Iloilo Tower 3: Pioneering sustainable business growth in Pavia, Iloilo 

Robinsons Offices has energetically embarked on the new year by commemorating the topping-off ceremony of Cybergate Iloilo Tower 3, introducing a landmark in the evolving landscape of Pavia, Iloilo. This event marks a notable advancement for Robinsons Land Corporation and the wider community, reflecting a shared vision for growth and sustainability. Esteemed attendees included government leaders, corporate executives, and key partners, all witnessing a new chapter in Iloilo’s business infrastructure.

In alignment with contemporary trends, Robinsons Offices unveiled a redesigned logo, symbolizing its journey towards redefining office spaces with a blend of premium, accessible, and sustainable elements. Cybergate Iloilo Tower 3 epitomizes this philosophy, integrating modern design with local cultural homage — a fusion seen in its architectural nuances and interior aesthetics, which reference the vibrant Dinagyang festival and traditional Iloilo textiles. The building is engineered for efficiency, boasting spacious office layouts free from obstructive pillars, thereby offering panoramic views of the lush surroundings.

Center of eco-friendly innovation

The commitment to eco-friendly development is palpable within the entire Cybergate Iloilo complex, highlighted by the pioneering sustainability efforts of Towers 1 and 2. As Western Visayas’ first LEED-certified office project, the complex embodies green principles through features like a Sewage Treatment Plant, a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system for enhanced energy efficiency, and LED lighting to reduce power consumption.

All smiles as Cybergate Iloilo Tower 3 gets topped off. (L-R) Engr. Ben Cabral – Constech Vice President for Operations; Mr. Leonardo Cabungcal –Damatech Plus & Construction Inc.; President, Vice Mayor Edsel G. Gerochi – Pavia, Iloilo; Congressman Michael B. Gorriceta – 2nd District, Iloilo; Mr. Jericho P. Go – RLC Senior Vice President and General Manager; Engr. Manny Arce – RLC Vice President for Construction; Mr. Honor Mendoza – SPES President; Mr. JP Balboa – Robinsons Offices’ Vice President for Leasing; Arch. Neilmar Tappa – JSLA Senior Architect

Robinsons Offices’ approach extends beyond construction to address the broader implications of responsible development. The strategic location of Cybergate Iloilo enhances its value, situated merely 20 minutes from the Iloilo International Airport, making it an attractive proposition for businesses in Manila looking to expand. The presence of an integrated transport hub facilitates seamless travel across Iloilo and beyond, reinforcing the tower’s status as a premier business hub. The convenience is further amplified by the adjacent Robinsons Pavia mall, offering a diverse range of amenities.

The Cybergate Iloilo Towers are the epitome of excellence, attracting businesses to this inspiring and thriving locale.

A hub for business and talent

Cybergate Iloilo Tower 3 stands as the pinnacle of the complex, offering 12 floors of state-of-the-art office space, along with designated areas for retail and parking. It caters to a wide array of business sectors, including BPOs, IT firms, and traditional corporate setups, all benefitting from top-tier facilities and a conducive working environment.

The tower’s location is particularly strategic, drawing from the region’s abundant labor pool. The Western Visayas is known for its high literacy rates and strong educational infrastructure, producing a significant number of graduates annually in various fields. This rich talent pool ensures businesses operating within Cybergate Iloilo access to skilled professionals, fostering growth and innovation.

Robinsons Land Corporation’s commitment to the region extends beyond Cybergate Iloilo, contributing to the economic upliftment and sustainable development of Iloilo and neighboring areas. Through projects like this, Robinsons Offices plays a critical role in promoting local employment, reducing migration, and reinforcing family ties, underpinning broader societal benefits.

Recognized for its excellence in the BPO office sector, the Cybergate Iloilo Towers stand as a testament to Robinsons Offices’ unwavering commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. The upcoming completion of Tower 3 is more than just an architectural milestone; it represents a forward-moving Pavia, marrying urban innovation with cultural respect.

The future of business in Iloilo

With the unveiling of Cybergate Iloilo Tower 3, Robinsons Offices solidifies its vision for a modern, sustainable, and culturally rich business environment. As the tallest structure within the complex, the tower is a beacon of progress, symbolizing a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. It is poised to become the business address of choice, underlining Robinsons Offices’ dedication to providing premium office spaces that foster productivity and creativity.

As we look towards the future, Cybergate Iloilo is set to catalyze economic growth and development in the region, positioning itself as a cornerstone of business, culture, and sustainable practices. The tower not only underscores the potential of Pavia and Iloilo but also reflects the broader aspirations of the Philippines’ business landscape.