AllHome Builds: A continuing journey of uplifting education in Las Piñas

AllHome, a leading home improvement retailer in the Philippines, continues its dedication to Filipino education with its AllHome Builds initiative. Collaborating with Las Piñas National High School, the company has improved the school’s STEM and Science Faculty rooms to support better learning conditions. The initiative reflects AllHome’s commitment to social responsibility, aiming to provide students and teachers with an environment conducive to education, especially in challenging times.

Selected for its immediate need for enhanced facilities, Las Pinas National High School represents AllHome’s ongoing effort to uplift education, focusing on one institution at a time. “We are committed to providing the best possible start in science education for our Las Piñas beneficiaries,” said Camille Villar, AllHome Vice Chairman. “It’s our hope to light the way for students striving for quality education against all odds.”

Camille Villar, AllHome Vice Chairman

The renovation involved significant upgrades, including new tiles, paint, power outlets, and cabinets in the targeted rooms, designed to inspire quality teaching and interactive learning for over 4,600 STEM students. Furthermore, the addition of air conditioning units and laptops for faculty members aims to enhance the learning experience, underscoring the importance of comfortable and well-equipped educational settings.

AllHome’s contributions are more than just renovations; they signify a deeper commitment to educational empowerment in the community. By improving school facilities, AllHome underlines education’s crucial role in national development, encouraging others to support social and educational progress through initiatives like AllHome Builds.

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