Pioneering affordable housing: Haus Talk’s visionary approach to community building

In the Philippines, where the dream of homeownership remains elusive for many, Haus Talk, Inc. emerges as a trailblazer in the real estate industry, providing quality, affordable housing solutions for the economic and socialized market. Under the strategic guidance of Francis Madlambayan, Head of Corporate Planning and Investor Relations, the company has been making significant strides in addressing the acute housing shortage, which currently stands at a staggering 6.5 million units.

A Vision for Affordable Living

Madlambayan elaborates on the profound impact of their latest venture, the Granary project in Biñan, “The Granary is not just a housing project; it’s a beacon of hope for the average Filipino family. It represents our commitment to making homeownership achievable for those who need it most.” This development is pivotal not only for its beneficiaries but also for Haus Talk’s broader strategic vision, serving as a model for future initiatives.

Southview Homes Calendola in San Pedro, Laguna is proof of Haus Talk’s impressive track record in the south.

Strategically located within the Metro Manila envelope, The Granary is poised to benefit from the economic vibrancy of the CALABARZON region. “Its location, coupled with our pricing strategy, makes quality homes accessible and allows our buyers to apply through the HDMF (Pag-ibig Fund),” says Madlambayan, highlighting the project’s alignment with the company’s mission to cater to the affordable housing segment.

The project’s success, marked by the unexpected acceleration from a five-year to a three-year completion timeline due to high demand, underscores the urgent need for affordable housing solutions in the region. “We have opened more units for sale and expect to welcome 100 new homeowners this month,” Madlambayan adds, reflecting on the overwhelming response from the market.

Building More Than Homes

The Granary is just the beginning. Haus Talk plans to leverage the success and learning from this project to attract more investors and partners. “We intend to showcase the Granary as a testament to our ability to meet market needs effectively,” Madlambayan states. This strategy is not only about building homes but also about building credibility and trust among stakeholders.

Well-designed and well-constructed single-detached townhomes within gated communities are Haus Talk’s popular offerings.

The company’s approach extends beyond just the construction of housing units; it’s about creating sustainable communities. Madlambayan emphasizes, “Beyond the brick and mortar, we are dedicated to building environments where families can thrive, with green spaces and communal areas fostering a sense of belonging and community.”

Turning to the company’s future ventures, Madlambayan discusses the upcoming launches in Antipolo – The Hammond and Ellery projects. “These developments reflect our commitment to expanding our reach and continuing to serve the housing needs of Filipinos.” Antipolo, with its growing demand for affordable housing, represents a strategic expansion and a testament to Haus Talk’s commitment to accessibility and community development.

Charting the Future Path

In discussing the company’s journey, Madlambayan does not shy away from the challenges faced, particularly in aligning corporate planning with investor expectations. “Transitioning back to the company after completing my MBA was a learning curve. I had to quickly adapt to the dynamic field of investor relations while keeping our long-term strategic goals in focus,” he shares, highlighting his commitment to bridging the gap between immediate investor concerns and long-term company objectives.

One of Madlambayan’s notable contributions has been the development of a comprehensive 5-year growth blueprint, charting a course for sustained growth and investor confidence. “This blueprint is not just a document; it’s our roadmap to the future, guiding our strategic decisions and operations,” he explains.

Haus Talk’s strategies also resonate with broader societal needs, aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. The company’s focus on developing accessible and affordable housing contributes to social inclusion, addresses inequalities, and reduces environmental impacts by minimizing the need for long commutes.

As Haus Talk continues its journey, the vision and efforts of Madlambayan and his team are creating waves in the real estate industry, transforming the landscape of affordable housing in the Philippines. Through strategic planning, community building, and a steadfast commitment to its mission, Haus Talk is not just constructing houses; it’s crafting the foundations for sustainable communities and a better future for Filipino families.

In the words of Madlambayan, “Our work is a testament to our belief that everyone deserves a place to call home. At Haus Talk, we are not just building houses; we are building dreams.” This ethos is the cornerstone of Haus Talk’s identity, driving its endeavors and ensuring that the dream of homeownership becomes a reality for more Filipinos.