Wilcon Depot and Hilti Tools: A match made in construction heaven

Unlike DIY enthusiasts who often have the extra time and resources, contractors have to find the best mix of efficiency and quality, especially with high-quality, specialized tools. However, smaller contractors or those new in the industry usually have limited financial resources, and may even lack ample storage space for these specialized tools. 

To address this, Hilti and Wilcon Depot unite in the mission of providing unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Instead of investing in expensive tools that may only be used occasionally, customers, including DIYers, contractors, and other professionals, can now rent what they need for specific projects, saving money and storage space. They can now use their budgets and space for other more pressing needs.

Hilti, known for its top-notch construction tools, offers a wide range of high-quality and specialized equipment for rent, catering to the diverse needs of every Filipino. These include power tools for cutting and shaping, drilling and anchoring equipment for secure installations, and precision measurement tools for accuracy.

(L-R) Hilti General Manager Rose Ann Lim and  Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Ms. Rosemarie Bosch-Ong

In my conversation with Rose Anne Bernardino-Lim, Hilti Philippines’ General Manager during the launch of our collaboration, she shared their company’s vision of customers having a seamless experience of tool rentals at the Wilcon Depot Balintawak store. The Balintawak store is the first to have Hilti Rental in the Philippines. She highlighted how the process is designed for convenience, allowing contractors to access the tools they need quickly without any hassle. This user-friendly approach further enhances the appeal of Hilti’s rental services, making it a preferred choice among Filipino contractors and homeowners alike. 

It was truly a delightful experience to witness how Hilti’s rental services at Wilcon Depot are transforming the landscape of DIY projects in the Philippines. From providing access to top-quality tools to offering a user-friendly rental process, Hilti and Wilcon Depot have created a winning combination that empowers contractors and homeowners to excel in their endeavors. With this partnership, the possibilities are endless, and the future of DIY projects looks brighter than ever before.

We continue to embrace the DIY spirit. Collaborations like these help our ever-increasing customer base overcome challenges with the right tools and resources. This way, every hammer strike and drill rotation is a step closer to making building dreams into reality.