Experience the Umami Magic at Umi Matsu’s newest branch in Parqal Mall

Following the phenomenal success of our flagship branch in Malate, Manila, we are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Umi Matsu at Parqal Mall on March 8th. The new branch invites Japanese cuisine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in an environment that reflects the serene beauty of Japan’s natural landscape. Our restaurant’s modern Japanese interior, adorned with earthy tones such as beige, brown, and grey, provides a calming atmosphere for a unique culinary journey.

Umi Matsu Parqal offers a relaxing ambiance, a spacious setting, and a vast selection of authentic Japanese dishes that promise an unforgettable food adventure through the heart of Japan. Our new location at Parqal Mall is dedicated to providing a culinary exploration reminiscent of Japan itself.

Our menu showcases a wide variety of authentic Japanese cuisines, meticulously prepared by our head Chef Shin, who brings over 26 years of experience in crafting traditional Japanese dishes. We’re committed to serving high-quality, authentic, and fresh Japanese foods daily, ensuring comfort and satisfaction in every bite.

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The grand opening at Parqal Mall was made even more special with the presence and support of our esteemed influencers, who have previously showcased the Umi Matsu Malate Branch. Their collaboration has been instrumental in creating engaging and authentic content for our brand. We also extend our gratitude to our friends in the media who joined us to savor our signature dishes, which embody the essence of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Umi Matsu’s Grand Opening Promo from March 8th to 31st: enjoy a 50% discount on all Big Maki Rolls at our Parqal Mall branch. Dive into sushi-licious flavors with our freshly made, best-tasting selections that promise an explosion of flavors with every bite.

Prepare for a culinary journey as Umi Matsu brings the essence of Japan to your taste buds in our latest branch at Parqal Mall. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and the upcoming opening of additional branches!