Six Decades of Style: PIID’s landmark celebration at WORLDBEX

The Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) has taken a bold step forward at this year’s WORLDBEX, The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition. The ONE PIID exhibit, designed to transform perceptions and illuminate the rich, yet often underappreciated world of interior design, marks a significant milestone: the celebration of sixty years of interior design excellence.

A New Era of Experiential Design

Idr. Cyndi Beltran, the National Vice President of PIID, underscores the shift from traditional visual exhibits to immersive experiences. “Our booth is designed to be experiential, blending the tactile with the visual to convey the essence of Philippine interior design,” she explains. This innovative approach transcends mere aesthetics, offering a deep dive into the intricate process and scientific principles that underpin effective interior design.

Raising Awareness and Building Connections

Idr. Beltran stresses PIID’s mission, “We strive to enlighten the public about the importance of engaging licensed interior designers and to connect the community with our members.” The booth at WORLDBEX symbolizes a portal for those seeking professional interior design services, from local homes to international ventures.

A Call to Action for Future Designers

With a storied history and a progressive outlook, PIID not only champions the recognition of interior designers but also fosters the emergence of new talent on the global stage. The PIID exhibit stands as a beacon of the organization’s dedication to education, professionalism, and innovation in the field of interior design.

(L-R) Meecan and Gab Esguerra of SmartAge; ⁠Idr. Cyndi Beltran – National Vice President of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers; ⁠Idr. Rossy Yabut Rojales – Executive Director for Professional Development

Be sure to visit their booth at WORLDBEX 2024, from March 14-17, at the World Trade Center, for an unforgettable dive into the past, present, and future of interior design, celebrated through the ONE PIID exhibit—an extraordinary tribute to six decades of interior design excellence.

The four zones: An educational journey

Zone One: Immersion – Visitors embark on their journey in this immersive zone, exploring the sixty-year legacy of the PIID and the multifaceted process of interior design. This section aims to enlighten the public about the pivotal role of interior designers, who ensure safety, comfort, and functionality through careful space planning.

Zone Two: PIID Hub – This central hub fosters interactions and inquiries, reflecting the organization’s growth. It’s designed to encourage discussions between potential clients and designers from all five PIID chapters across the Philippines.

Zone Three: Chapters Area – Here, the varied and impactful work of different PIID chapters is on display, emphasizing the role of archival and documentation in the profession.

Idr Paolo Castro – National President Philippine Institute of Interior Designer and ⁠Idr. Cyndi Beltran – National Vice President of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers

Zone Four: Interior Vignette – This final zone showcases an interior vignette with a smart mirror, demonstrating the seamless integration of technology in modern design.