A journey of growth and empowerment: Women’s Month and WORLDBEX 2024

As the warm rays of sunlight peeked through my window, filling my room with a golden glow— I couldn’t help but feel excited about this month. March is Women’s Month, but it is also the month I must prepare my energy for back-to-back events that I will surely treasure for the rest of my life.

As a woman and a leader who worked for several years in a male-dominated industry, I understand the importance of equality, inclusivity, and empowering people. These values are not mere words but principles that can reshape our society and create a more just and harmonious world for everyone. Recent events in which I have had the privilege to participate demonstrate this.

 In a recent event, Wilcon Depot participates again in one of the country’s premier exhibition events Building and Construction Exposition or WORLDBEX 2024. This renowned trade exhibition showcases the latest innovations, technologies, and construction and design industry trends. 

Present at Wilcon Depot Booth in WORLDBEX: Wilcon Depot AVP for Sales and Operations, Francis Lazaro, Rowell Suarez, Harvey Cruz, SEVP-COO Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, AVP for Sales and Operations, Desiree Cuerdo, Rubilyn Candelaria, Catherine Guingab, and Erene Borja

Rooted in shared values of innovation and excellence, Worldbex and Wilcon have built a dynamic partnership in the industry through the years. Aside from reshaping the nation-building standards through products, ideas, and concepts, it was also the prominent presence of women leaders in the industry that truly captured the essence of transformation. Among the distinguished women I have met during the event are Ms. Lani Mercado-Revilla, wife of Senator Bong Revilla, Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano, and the executives of Worldbex, Co-Founder, Levi Ang, and Managing Director, Jill Ang. Women’s growing presence in the male-dominated field just spells out how the industry is celebrating the voices and visions of women. 

Each year, we made sure that our booth was a vibrant hub of activity to draw in visitors with interactive displays of our world-class product lines such as Pozzi Atelier, Birke, Grohe, Franke, Hamden, Alphalux, Hills, Rubi, Ptech, Heim, Sun Crust, Direct Hardware, Kaze, Nobizzi, and Solutherm. The Wilcon Depot booth also showcases product demonstrations conducted by our knowledgeable staff, providing valuable insights and guidance to our visitors in selecting products they need for their specializations. 

Present at Wilcon Depot Booth in WORLDBEX: Slater Young, Worldbex Services International (WSI) Managing Director Jill Ang, District Representative Cavite, 2nd District Hon. Lani Mercado-Revilla, Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, Pasay City Mayor Hon. Imelda Calixto-Rubiano, Worldbex Services International (WSI) Co-Founder Levi Ang, and Arch. Jun Palafox

We ensured that our booth would be a haven for professionals and students, fostering an environment of inclusivity. We aim to help future generations of Filipino professionals and aspiring individuals in the construction sector. 

As Mother Teresa says, “Give your hands to serve, and your hearts to love.”

I believe that our future generations of professionals will have a better and brighter future because of the opportunities and resources they gain at the event, especially at the Wilcon booth. By investing in their growth and development, we are building a better tomorrow for our country. 

As I strolled through the sea of booths and displays, a sense of joy and excitement bubbled within me as I caught sight of familiar faces – my industry friends. Seeing them felt like stumbling upon treasures. Each interaction I have with them is filled with shared laughter and insightful discussions. In these moments I couldn’t help but marvel at the power of community and collaboration in sealing the bonds we forged within the industry. Indeed, there is truth in saying that when our minds unify with others toward a common goal, we will propel forward; for us, growth is inevitable.

Growth was certainly the theme when I was invited to speak and share a few chapters of my story at an event for Women’s Month. With over 4 decades in the industry, my path was anything but smooth, but with the guidance of Wilcon’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus, William Belo, I was able to face drawbacks head-on, rise above, and make a significant contribution to the company. 

As I navigate this never-ending path of growth, emerging stronger, I hope to inspire others to take charge of their paths and become leaders in their fields, just like me; to defy society’s toxic barriers and become someone the future generations can look up to. 

Furthermore, an environment that values inclusivity can help everyone reach greater heights. Inclusivity creates a space where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of background or identity. It’s more about treating equally and giving everybody the same opportunities–whether male or female. Inclusivity starts with “I” (ourselves).

Over my 40-year term in our industry, I had the privilege of leading people. I began at Wilcon when we had only two branches, witnessing firsthand the company’s growth and evolution. From a humble 60-square-meter hardware store, I contributed significantly to its transformation. It’s gratifying to see employees progress from entry-level roles to becoming branch managers across various locations in the Philippines.

As I reflect on my journey, I am reminded of the values instilled in me by Wilcon Depot. We are not just helping Filipino people to build, improve, and refine their homes for a sustainable and comfortable life. Still, we are also creating an environment that fosters equality and inclusivity and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.