Hi-tech living with Amaia Home Solutions in Santa Maria, Bulacan

Amaia Land furthered their commitment to innovation and sustainability as they introduced Amaia Home Solutions to the public at Amaia Scapes Bulacan on Saturday, March 2. Home Solutions aims to provide an innovative experience in housing through the integration of new technologies and the Internet. 

A glimpse into smart living

Home Solutions introduces six new efficient and convenient functions that elevate one’s housing experience.

First, Home Solutions features the Smart Outlet, a home automation outlet with a USB port that can be remotely controlled through a smartphone.

It also features a Smart Touch Glass Switch that opens lights with a single tap. If you’re the type to leave your lights on, fret not, as this technology can be controlled through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-connected smartphone. The opening and closing of the lights can also be scheduled, guaranteeing energy efficiency.

Home Solutions also features improved safety and security measures, thanks to a variety of smart technologies. It starts with Smart CCTV, a sophisticated, weatherproof CCTV camera with strong lenses, infrared LEDs, and an integrated speaker and microphone. Additionally, it features a Smart Smoke Sensor with improved smoke-detecting features that send an alarm to your phone when smoke is detected. Lastly, homeowners are secured with a Smart Door Lock that can only be opened with a smartphone, fingerprint, RFID, passcode, or access card—similar to those you see in Korean dramas! 

Finally, a Multimodal Gateway feature serves as a central hub that connects your smartphone to all of the smart technologies in your home. With only one device, homeowners can keep an eye on their property thanks to this feature.

Add value to your home

Vic Katigbak, Project Technical Manager for New Business, Innovation, and Sustainability, expressed that they saw the potential of upgrading their houses with Home Solutions technology, all while considering its price and their target market.

“Of course, tinitingnan din namin ‘yung cost, na kung masyado siyang mahal, hindi rin maa-afford ng mga buyers natin ‘yan. So ‘yun ‘yung naging isang key, nakita namin na maliit lang ‘yung additional expense to upgrade your house to a [hi-tech] house,” he explained.

Katigbak also shared that the smart houses are upgradeable, and promise after-sale service that will support new homeowners as they navigate the life of living in a smart house. “For us, it’s not luxury. It’s an added feature and value to your home. An upgradeable feature that can be integrated into all as long as it is compatible.”

(L-R) Owen Martinez – Inhouse & Brokers Division Head, Jeanette Saturnino – Marketing, Recruitment and Training Division Head, Raizel Matibag – Deputy Head of Project Strategic Management, Racquel Cruz – Amaia President and CEO, Kathy M. Mamaril – In-house Division Head, Vic Katigbak – Project Technical Manager (New Business, Innovation and Sustainability), Petes Gamboa – Innovations and Design Group Head, Joel Punzalan – Head of Project Strategic Management Group.

Kathy Mamaril, In-house Division Head of Amaia, shared that Amaia Home Solutions is presently offered in Amaia Scapes Bulacan. Currently, available units have floor spaces that range from 60 to 80 square meters and cost P4.4 million. They are also getting ready to sell their bigger units, which are between 80 and 100 square meters in size and cost about P7 million. It is expected to be available later this year.

Meanwhile, Jeanette Saturnino, Marketing, Recruitment, and Training division Head, shared that Home Solutions will also be marketed internationally through the Ayala International Sales team and Ayala International Sales Inc. 

As the future unfolds, Amaia reaffirms its dedication to creating homes that harmonize technology, convenience, and sustainability.

People interested in Amaia Home Solutions may view the official Facebook page of Amaia Scapes Bulacan and the website of Amaia Land website.