Here’s how PH1WD is powering energy-efficient Filipino homes

How do you make your home as energy-efficient as possible? 

Improving the energy efficiency of one’s home doesn’t just reduce your environmental impact. It can help you save money on electricity bills in the long run. 

There are various ways to reduce energy consumption at home. You could switch to LED lighting, upgrade to energy-saving appliances, ensure proper insulation in walls to reduce the need for heating or cooling, or install solar panels to harness renewable energy from the sun. 

First-time homeowners can also consider investing in sustainable homes that already come with built-in features.

Looking for a green home outside the metro? Residents of Cavite can soon look forward to new energy-saving home features (and increased savings) as PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) unveils its newest horizontal property development in Trece Martires.

Trece Martires Groundbreaking. (From left) PH1 World Developers Sr. Project Development Officer for Horizontal Developments Trixia Pascaran; PH1 World Developers Design & Construction Head Lester Hari; PH1 World Developers General Manager for Horizontal Developments Eric Gregor Tan, Megawide Chairman and CEO and PH1 World Developers Chairman Edgar Saavedra; Trece Martires, Cavite Vice Mayor Hon. Bobby Montehermoso; Lapidario Barangay Chairman Hon. Remelyn Dilag-Sierra; and Former Lapidario Barangay Chairman Remegio Dilag

The project in Southern Luzon broke ground just four months after the debut of Northscapes San Jose del Monte Bulacan. In that time, Northscapes SJDM has sold “almost 80 percent of its units in 2023.”

PH1WD’s Northscapes project elevates standards in sustainable housing by incorporating energy-saving features into each housing unit.

Here’s what we know so far about the housing development, and how it can benefit residents.

Solar panels, tinted windows, insulated walls = savings

As detailed by PH1WD Landscapes General Manager Eric Gregor Tan during their ceremonial grand launch, the Northscapes community will feature the company’s exclusive cost-saving home technologies, including insulated walls and heat-resistant windows. These concepts will result in actual savings on daily expenses for residents.

SolarSave energy panels will ensure that each home can utilize solar energy and lessen electricity bills while reducing one’s carbon footprint. 

The ResiShade tinted windows prevent excessive sunlight and heat from entering the unit, to keep homes insulated from heat.

The TropiCool insulated walls will also protect the interior from scorching outdoor temperatures, keeping homes cool given the area’s tropical climate, to lessen the use of airconditioning units.

These features could result in at least P45,000 per year in savings for residents, according to officials during the grand launch.

Solar-powered streetlights, e-shuttles, underground wirings

According to Tan, energy efficiency will likewise be felt throughout the development with solar-powered streetlights and e-shuttle services. An electric shuttle will be made available to residents for easy access to key areas in the city, such as the MRT-7 station, malls, and other commercial areas. 

To eliminate unsightly overhead wirings, add to aesthetic appeal and functionality, and ensure safety, all electric and telecommunication cables will be installed underground.

Extraordinary kind of living

Judging by the high interest in Northscapes SJDM, PH1WD is positive about the similar development in Southern Luzon.

A cozy sanctuary, this intricately designed middle unit townhouse enables first-time homeowners to maximize every square inch of their living space while pursuing their passion or career goals.

“Just like Northscapes, our latest offering in Trece Martires is envisioned to offer an extraordinary kind of living,” said Tan. “We aim to set the bar high in terms of innovation in horizontal developments.” 

Ideal for families, this thoughtfully crafted single attached home provides a comfortable haven that allows each resident to grow as an individual and, at the same time, create lasting memories with their loved ones.

Similar to its northern counterpart, the housing community in Cavite will have three different unit offerings. Units will consist of the single-attached Elia, the end-unit townhouse Salana, and the middle-unit townhouse called Alba. All units will have two stories, and a selection of two or three bedrooms.

Designed with space efficiency in mind, this end unit townhouse serves as the perfect venue for homeowners such as newlyweds to develop a lifestyle of comfort and growth, empowering them to indulge in a myriad of activities all under one roof.

There are currently 337 units in Bulacan with an estimated sales value of P1.9 billion. Tan disclosed that the Trece Martires site will offer about 343 units. It will be situated on a 5-hectare lot, with a possible expansion to 30 hectares. 

Higher quality residences

According to Tan, the new property in Cavite has generated much excitement, as local officials from Trece Martires led by Vice Mayor Bobby Montehermoso warmly welcomed developers during the groundbreaking ceremony. Potential homeowners have already expressed intent to become the property’s first set of residents.  

“Many people loved what we did with Northscapes, so we’re bringing the same sustainable concepts through our latest project, while addressing the demand for higher quality residences. It’s a testament to our commitment to provide great living experiences,” said Tan. 

A wide range of extras

According to PH1WD President Gigi Alcantara, as the real estate arm of the Megawide group, PH1WD aims to disrupt property development conventions through innovation and engineering technology, while utilizing their parent company’s expertise.

“On top of the energy efficiency features, unit owners can expect higher quality, consistency, and durability since Megawide will be undertaking design and build for the project. Through our parent company’s innovative technologies, we herald developments that provide a wide range of extras: extra space, extra convenience, and extra value,” said Alcantara.

 In the next two years, its Luzon expansion will focus on Bulacan, specifically San Jose del Monte; and Cavite, including Trece Martires, and potentially to Batangas. 

Also in the pipeline for horizontal development are projects in the Visayas, particularly Cebu and Iloilo.