Defining Spaces 15: A deep dive on design and artificial intelligence

On February 23-25, 2024 all roads lead to Davao City’s yearly construction exhibit show at the SM Annex in Davao City entitled “Defining Spaces 15: Shaping Spaces in the Era of AI”.

Taking center stage worldwide in the design industry is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence or AI which has captivated the creative ingenuity of architects and designers, disrupting and causing ripples in the normal flow of design approach.

This construction exhibit and seminar show organized by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Davao chapter features topics related to AI,  various cutting-edge materials, sustainable solutions, and innovative technologies in the design and build areas. There will be around 80 to 100 booths for national and local exhibitors to showcase their construction products during this three-day affair which will be opened to the general public.

Arch. Kashayar L. Togyani, Head of the Office of the City Building Official in Davao City, will deliver an inspirational message on behalf of Mayor Hon. Sebastian Z. Duterte.

The event will feature prominent speakers in design, urban planning, and construction, offering lectures and seminars for architects’ professional development and the interested public.

The UAP National Officers Area Vice President for Area D arch. Jaime Gonzaga and District Director Jesari Resari will also be around to grace the affair of Designing Spaces 15, now under the leadership of UAP Davao president Arch Sheanna I. Bacus.

Day 1 Speakers

• Architect Felino “Jun” Palafox of Palafox Associates – “Vision 2050: The Philippines, A First World Economy, A First World Country”
• Architect Abelardo “Jojo” Tolentino of AIDEA Inc – “Building Intelligence: The Impact of AI to Architecture”
• Architect Daniel Lim of Far East Architects – “The Business of Architecture”

Day 2 Speakers

• Architect Benjamin Kimpo Panganiban Jr. – “Post-Supreme Court Ruling on Architectural Plans and Designs”
• Architect Buck Richnond Sia from Cebu – “Design: a Journey through Evolution, Exploration, Experience, and Excellence”
• Engineer Allan Botuyan  
• Architect JP Espino of The Digital Architect – “Designing with AI: Pioneering Techniques for Architectural Adaptation”

Day 3 Speakers

• Architect. Neil John Bersabe – “Artificial Intelligence in Architecture”
• Architect Ian Kelby Yamyamin – “Idea, Identity, and Ideology”

* * *

Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban Jr. is a former national president of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), serving as the first national president from Mindanao. With over 38 years in private practice, he is a Fellow of the UAP. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the first ASEAN and APEC architect from Davao City. He graduated with a degree in BS Architecture from the University of Mindanao and is a Doctor Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects Singapore. Arch. Panganiban is also a recipient of the European Business Assembly.