Supporting dreams to strengthen communities 

Helping people is one of the most common yet impactful projects that businesses can undertake. It’s not just about turning a profit; it involves integrating our successes with the communities we serve.

At Wilcon, we believe that helping people build their dreams is the cornerstone of true progress. Providing access to quality building materials empowers individuals and families to transform their aspirations into brick-and-mortar realities.

As we expanded our presence in different regions, we also celebrated significant milestones. First, the groundbreaking ceremony of the UST Interdisciplinary Research Institute, named after our Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr. William T. Belo, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This momentous collaboration between the university and Dr. Belo fosters collaborative efforts and groundbreaking developments within six interdisciplinary domains, namely food security and safety, health and well-being, energy, environmental sustainability, information and communications, and materials and product innovation. 

The UST-WitBIRIn is designed to consistently fulfill UST’s mission of generating advanced knowledge to form competent and compassionate graduates. It will also serve as a space where professors and students can synergize their efforts to work on interdisciplinary projects that have the potential to shape the future. 

Dr. Belo was also recognized as a recipient of the prestigious “Business Icon Award” award by the Quezon City government. This recognition acknowledges our company’s positive impact on the community. Dr. Belo’s relentless efforts and leadership paved the direction of the company, reinforcing its mission with steadfast dedication.

From supporting education and research to being recognized as a business icon within the communities we serve, we hope that these initiatives resonate not only with our customers but also with the diverse communities and institutions we engage with across the Philippines.

Our commitment to giving back to the community goes beyond the confines of our stores and providing building materials – it’s about helping our valued customers and our mission to be a positive force in strengthening the economy of the country. 

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