Parkville: SMDC’s innovative lots-only approach to Prime Living in Bacolod

In the heart of the City of Smiles, a transformative era in prime living is on the horizon with Parkville, SM Development Corporation’s (SMDC) latest integrated lifestyle community. Nestled conveniently in proximity to downtown Bacolod City, Parkville is easily accessible, placing residents within reach of shopping centers, government offices, and esteemed educational institutions like the University of St. La Salle and Trinity Christian School. This groundbreaking development promises an unparalleled living experience, extending an open invitation to proud and aspirational Bacolodnons and Negrenses to embrace a lifestyle that transcends expectations.

Setting New Standards: SMDC’s Residential Evolution

Parkville epitomizes SMDC’s commitment to continuous improvement, introducing an upgraded way of living as we strive to provide our communities with more and better opportunities. This pioneering lots-only development in Bacolod signifies a leap forward in our dedication to enhancing the quality of life for our residents. Its expansive 52-hectare canvas empowers homeowners to construct dream homes in a community that champions flexibility and individuality. As SMDC’s inaugural residential lot-only development, it sets the stage for a new era in Bacolod’s residential real estate, ushering in limitless possibilities for residents.

Model House, 145sqm

Eight Nature Parks: A Seamless Blend of Urban Living and Natural Bliss

Immerse yourself in the lush embrace of Parkville, where eight meticulously designed nature parks offer endless bliss and a seamless integration of urban living with the beauty of nature. Fruit Orchard provides a rich experience of harvesting from fruit-laden trees, Greenscape Park embraces sustainable greenery inspired by the Miyawaki afforestation technique, and Flowers Grove invites serene moments amid blossoms. Ball Park fosters an active community with a top-notch basketball court for health and fitness enthusiasts, while Colors Park bursts with a breathtaking array of plant hues. Harmony Park is a peaceful haven for quiet reflection, Fragrance Park captivates with refreshing floral scents, and Pet Grove Park is a flourishing, pet-friendly oasis celebrating playful moments and harmony. Each park reflects our commitment to providing spaces that not only invite outdoor enjoyment but also nurture a genuine connection with the surroundings.

Orchard Park

Masterful Fusion of Nature and Modernity

Parkville, a master-planned residential subdivision, embodies the perfect fusion of nature and modern living in Bacolod City. Crafted for the discerning tastes of Bacolod’s residents, Parkville offers premium amenities and modern conveniences at accessible prices, promising an enriching living experience. An urban retreat at Parkville isn’t just about escaping—it’s about everyday lush living. The inclusion of a commercial area within the community extends beyond convenience, becoming an integral part of the green oasis. 

Kiddie Pool, Clubhouse

Parkville also integrates various sports facilities, social spaces, and co-working areas, all complemented by an integrated commercial zone. From the exclusive Leisure Club to the expansive Olympic-Sized Pool, Leisure Pool, Kiddie Pool, and Play Garden, every element is meticulously designed for residents to indulge in a modern, healthy, convenient, and active lifestyle. This sustainable, pet-friendly, and exclusive community prioritizes safety and security, providing residents the flexibility to build their dream homes.

The Future of Growth in Bacolod City

Bacolod, known as the City of Smiles, serves as a gateway to renowned leisure destinations like Dumaguete Dive Spots, Sipalay Beach Islands, and Lakawon Island. Parkville not only offers a prime residential experience but also opens doors to exploration and adventure, making it the perfect home base for the modern explorer.

Strategically positioned as the new district of growth in Bacolod City, Parkville offers unparalleled value for residential investment. Boasting an extensive array of facilities, including 8 thematic parks, a soccer field, toddler (daycare) center, and study/co-working spaces, Parkville stands as the only residential subdivision with such a comprehensive offering. The clubhouse, designed by Plat Studio, an international design firm, adds a touch of architectural excellence to this thriving community.

Parkville invites homeowners to embrace the future of prime living to secure a place in this revolutionary lifestyle district development and become an integral part of Bacolod City’s residential transformation.