Placing Integrity on Pedestal

In every business’s dynamic landscape, integrity is the cornerstone of a resilient foundation for organizational growth and success. However, we sometimes take it lightly because we may not realize the more significant impact it can have when we deliberately become complacent about it.

Being in business for many years now, I have witnessed and heard stories about great organizations falling because of the lack of integrity. For instance, the infamous corporate scandals of Enron Corp., Lehman Brothers, and other no-stranger controversies are still in today’s business world.

At the same time, I have witnessed firsthand the difference that an organization with a strong sense of integrity can make in gaining customers and loyalty and maintaining a positive reputation in any industry. Indeed, integrity as a corporate value is something that we should hold in high regard for its profound impact on reputation, employee morale, and long-term viability.

Rosemarie Ong with Jako De Leon of the Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines (CICP) and Arch. Cathy Saldaña of PDP Architects

This is especially true in the real estate, construction, and home improvement industries because just as we hold any project or build anything, we also build trust and loyalty simultaneously.

Being a leader and pioneer in the construction and home improvement industry, Wilcon emphasized integrity as we started the new year with our annual Sales Kickoff.

The Wilcon Annual Sales Kickoff brings together the key people and leaders to align with the company’s objectives and goals for the year ahead. 

In 2024, the overarching theme is “Dapat Totoo,” which regards integrity as a crucial value in our day-to-day operations. As I see it, cementing our credibility in the fast-paced and competitive business world is necessary as customers become wiser about the brand they support. 

Wicon Sales Kickoff Attendees with Wilcon AVP for Sales and Operations Francis Lazaro, Harvey Cruz, Catherine Guingab, Wilcon VP for Human Resources Grace Tiong, Wilcon Depot Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. William Belo, Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Rosemarie Ong, Wilcon AVP for Sales and Operations Desiree Cuerdo, Erine Borja, Rubilyn Candelaria, Ruben Flores, and Ramiro Mesa Jr.

Being the event’s key speaker, I had the opportunity to discuss how the business has continuously upheld these core ideals in the face of difficulties and setbacks. From last year’s sales kickoff titled “Future-ready: Fortifying Leadership and Embracing Innovation” to this year’s “Dapat Totoo,” Wilcon Depot continues to prove that we are a company built on excellence, reliability, and customer trust.

We also had my dear friend and an award-winning architect, Arch. Cathy Saldaña of PDP Architects, and the young and talented Jako De Leon of the Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines (CICP) to speak and share their take on integrity in their respective industries. The day concluded with a wealth of insightful guidance, empowering each participant to embrace the value of Integrity in both their personal and professional spheres.

As we embark on another year, every industry should prepare to adapt to the evolving customer needs. It may involve investing in technology, empowering team members with knowledge, and having a well-versed strategy for the year. But more than that, it is still vital to reaffirm the importance of having a strong sense of personal and business Integrity as we strive for success. 

By doing so, we can create an environment where customers feel confident in the authenticity of the service they receive and in the brand where they place their indispensable loyalty to our industry, their future, and their lives.