Mastering real estate investment: Moldex Realty shares smart strategies for success from their 35-year history

There’s been a major shift in the housing market in the Philippines in the past few years.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has demonstrated, it’s the importance of family ties. To avoid the stress and isolation seen during COVID and address the rising cost of living, experts believe that co-housing among households and communities is on the rise.

Remote work flexibility means that many former city-dwellers are seeking greener pastures in more peaceful communities that offer healthy living and life quality. As Filipino households continue to grow, so do their needs for personal space and home ownership.

And with its potential for income generation, real estate investments also offer homebuyers a means to achieve financial security and hedge against inflation.

Moldex Realty, one of the pioneering real estate developers in the country, is known for providing quality homes and communities that suit the growing needs of Filipino families.

With almost four decades behind it, the leading property developer upholds the same commitment to quality that characterizes their world-class Moldex Pipes to their homes.

Over the years, the brand has established a strong presence in the local real estate market by developing over 30 residential subdivisions and condominiums strategically located in the north, heart, and south of Manila.

Here are some of the guiding principles that discerning home buyers should consider when investing in real estate in today’s modern market as shared by Moldex Realty.

Pick the location of the property wisely

Location is the most vital factor to consider when investing in real estate. Consider the accessibility to workplaces, business districts, government institutions, educational institutions, and cultural landmarks when investing in a home. Strategic location and convenience are among the main features of Moldex Realty’s residential brands.

Towering at 57 stories, 1322 Roxas Boulevard – Golden Empire Tower stands as one of Metro Manila’s tallest and most exclusive residential spaces. This well-known landmark in Manila is one of Moldex Realty’s flagship projects, offering residents a breathtaking view of the world-famous Manila Bay sunset from any unit.

Grand View Tower

Grand Riviera Suites is a 55-story condominium development that also offers its residents a beautiful bayside view. The high-rise residential building standing proudly along Roxas Boulevard is located just across the U.S. Embassy, and near Manila’s famed hotels, shopping and entertainment areas, dining establishments, museums, cultural venues, and some of the country’s top educational institutions.

With school, work, and events back to normal, homes near top universities and offices with easy access to transport links are vital. Everyone also wants enough space at home and access to recreational facilities where everyone can relax safely on weekends.

The Grand Towers Manila, a 47-twin tower condominium along Vito Cruz offers an ideal choice for students due to its proximity to De La Salle University and St. Scholastica’s College.

Meanwhile, Grand View Tower located along the Buendia-Pasay-Libertad corridor, offers an urban refuge for young professionals to avoid long daily commutes, with its compact studios and spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom residential units.

For those looking to invest in a home near the city, Alegria at Dos Rios near Nuvali offers one of the best spots south of Metro Manila. Located less than an hour away from the Philippine capital, Laguna has become one of the best places to build a home in the south of Metro Manila. In recent years, this area in Laguna has evolved into an upscale urban area, with vibrant business and commercial establishments catering to a more idyllic southern lifestyle.

These strategically located properties can shift from being a primary residence and leased out for extra income or resold at a higher price, maximizing one’s investment potential.

Opt for accessible homes that offer quality living spaces

Because of remote work flexibility and online work, more people are willing to relocate to provinces in search of more peaceful living conditions and work-life balance.

Homeowners looking to invest in greener pastures outside the city should consider prime areas north and south of Manila, like Laguna, Cavite, Tagaytay, Bulacan, and Pampanga, where you can find properties like Heritage Homes and MetroGate Prime Subdivisions.

MetroGate Silang Estates Jungle Pool

Heritage Homes offers affordable house and lot options north and south of Manila while MetroGate Prime Subdivisions offers upscale suburban living with the flexibility of house and lot or lot-only options that are ready for future construction or expansion for growing families. These communities offer homes built with the dreams, comfort, and security of families in mind.

From residential subdivisions to condominiums, Moldex communities are thoughtfully designed to create a safe environment free from noise, pollution, and congestion.

Their properties are thoughtfully situated near natural surroundings to offer residents a comfortable and healthy way of life. Moldex takes pride in providing ample open spaces for residents to reconnect with the beauty of nature, and have enough room to live, play, breathe, and relax.

Consider the neighborhood’s character and amenities

Travel for leisure is back in full swing, so another factor to consider in investing in properties are destinations with a unique character that people naturally seek for quick getaways from Manila. If you’re considering rental properties, the appearance, amenities, and attractions in surrounding areas will keep people coming back.

Moldex Residences Baguio (Aerial Perspective)

Those looking for vacation homes that double as income-generating property rentals for staycations can consider Moldex Realty’s developments in Baguio City, Silang, and Tagaytay.

Moldex Residences Baguio and Moldex Residences Silang offer mid-rise residential condominium clusters with resort-like amenities while MetroGate Tagaytay Estates offers spacious and upscale lots in prime subdivisions away from the noise and pollution of the city for ultimate relaxation.

Study an area’s potential for capital appreciation

Unlike other financial instruments that tend to depreciate due to inflation, real estate provides investors with physical assets in the form of land or buildings. This offers a sense of security and consistent cash flow from rental income.

While there could be fluctuations in the market, generally, real estate investments increase in value, which provides long-term benefits. Aside from living in it, by renting out your property in the future, you can help offset the costs of ownership.

As infrastructure developments will soon provide direct transport links through subways and trains, properties outside the city will only appreciate over time. Consider the long-term benefits of investing in these properties where infrastructure projects are on the rise.

MetroGate Silang Estates and Moldex Residences Silang are easily accessible by CALAX (with a newly opened Silang-Aguinaldo interchange), Cavitex, and will be accessible by CBTEx in the future. Future residents of Moldex New City in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan will also be able to travel by the NLEX Skyway, MRT-7, and the Bulacan Airport, which will help elevate the property values of the area significantly.

Meanwhile, Moldex Residences Valenzuela will be strategically linked to the NLEX Skyway, Valenzuela Gateway Complex Terminal, and Mega Subway Project in the future, further enhancing the investment potential of any property in the vicinity.

By making smart real estate investments, one can diversify one’s retirement portfolio, help establish financial security, and build wealth over the years.

Choose a reputable developer

Investing in real estate is a big step, and it’s important to know that not all properties are created equal. Study a developer’s track record before investing your hard-earned money.

Since 1987, Moldex Realty has carried on the same integrity, dedication, excellence, and hard work as the original brand founded in 1967 as a reliable manufacturer and provider of quality pipes.

With their vision to provide every Filipino family the home they deserve so they can live a quality life, Moldex Realty continues to be guided by four pillars to provide clients with comfort, convenience, value, and quality.

Moldex Realty believes that a place is more than a home and recognizes that different life stages entail distinct needs and wants.

For young first-time homeowners about to embrace independent living, those looking to start families, as well as those looking for vacation homes or enjoying retirement, Moldex Realty offers a place to dwell, relax, and flourish.

Homes are not just a place to live. They also serve as a valuable investment and legacy for future generations.

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