The best of worlds come together in Vista Land’s South Luzon townships

Exquisite developments in Batangas

Long favored as a weekend escape south of Metro Manila, Batangas deserves the honor of a top tourist destination. The adventures and scenery the province offers are endless. It is often visited for its multitude of beaches, diving spots, and summer resorts that range from luxurious to basal sand-and-sea. 

Batangas is also a boomtown and enjoys great economic progress. It is home to five industrial parks with more in the offing. Its close proximity to Metro Manila and the ease of travel to and within the province have made Batangas not only an ideal place to visit, but the perfect place to live in for many. 

Monvert, Santo Tomas

Designed to be a healing sanctuary, Montvert is master planned to create calm and joy with every step, sight, and sound. To delight the senses, the sustainable landscape design for each zone will be themed—be it the business hub, the commercial centers, or the residential and condominium pockets––in keeping with the essence of a wellness sanctuary.

Montvert, a wellness estate, seeks to breathe new life into weary souls and instill a feeling of calm intertwined with a renewed spirit this holiday season.

Montvert, unlike any other townships, will be designed to renew the mind and body, restore the spirit and energy, and recover the goodness of the past. Building colors will be purposely muted and water features will delight residents at every turn. It is everyone’s dream to live in a place of peace, in a sanctuary one can escape into and visualize the future one hopes to have. 

Solasta, Lipa City 

Solasta is named after the Scottish for “radiant” or “shining,” paying tribute to the city’s enviable weather. Lipa is in fact, the third coldest place in the Philippines after Baguio and Tagaytay. Moreover, Lipa has been christened Little Rome as quite a number of spectacular Spanish-era churches are found here.  Many of the city’s modern industries evolve around clothing technology and food processing, as the area is known for its agricultural produce. 

Nestled within lush gardens are opportunities to rediscover oneself and find grounding for the upcoming year.

Solasta is master planned to make the most of both the city’s vibrant past and its flourishing present. The community zones will include a leisure and commercial hub linked to the thriving residential neighborhoods, and, soon, clusters of vertical residences. 

Designed to be a walking city taking full advantage of Lipa’s delightful climate, the landscaped walkways and crisscrossing paths within the estate will offer a perfect blend of rich culture and trends. Featuring a delectable food and beverage scene as well as spirited events, the history of Lipa City is accentuated with a 21st century vibe.

Santerrra, Naga City 

Santerra is strategically located in the middle of Naga, the center of Camarines Sur, and positioned between uptown and downtown Naga. To its left is downtown Naga, containing the city’s CBDs. To its right is uptown Naga that abounds in nature-inspired attractions such as hot springs, waterfalls, and Mt. Isarog Natural Park.

The aroma of delectable food and the fragrances of pampering oils captivate the body and mind, preparing everyone for a splendid Christmas experience.

Dedicated largely to nature and designed to foster holistic wellness, Santerra is named from conjoining the Latin words “sani” for health and “terra” for earth. Thus, the 64-hectare development is being blueprinted as a nature reserve within which residences, commercial hubs, and business centers will nestle.

The estate will be an urban respite where city living perfectly melds with nature’s abundance––allowing one to live a more zen and serene lifestyle. Santerra will be the place where one can enrich one’s overall well-being surrounded by nature’s best. 

Condominium complexes will dot all the sprawling estates, offering residential options to families, young professionals, weekenders, and those who prefer to live near their places of work. The towers will accommodate smart technology and security and safety features. 

An investment into a better way of living 

Vista Land is investing into these master planned developments, making good on its promise to its homebuyers and investors to continue creating superior offerings, and more importantly, deliver excellent long-term investment growth.

Ready to aspire for amazing? Explore Vista Estates’ grand master planned communities. 

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