Filipino architecture shines at the World Architecture Festival 2023 in Singapore

The prestigious and largest global live awards event for architects finally commenced last December 1, 2023, and the Philippines has made a triumphant return to WAF 2023, securing an impressive six victories.

To be riding high on this global architectural stage not only highlights the immense talent and innovative approach of Filipino architects but also showcases the rich cultural heritage and design influences in the Philippines that have shaped their exceptional creations. 

I recently attended an event where Wilcon Depot collaborated with GROHE Philippines and to offer a practice crit session for WAF 2023, where Filipino finalists are getting ready to compete in Singapore. I am filled with pride and delight as we see our Filipino finalists prepare for Singapore’s prestigious World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2023. 

From preparations to presentations in Singapore, Filipino architects have demonstrated exceptional creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. As I witness their hard work and dedication, it is truly inspiring, and it showcases the outside capabilities of Filipino architects on a global platform.

Wilcon Depot VP for projects Allen Alban, Dryan Tria (Finalist), Jason Buensalido (Finalist, Highly Commended), Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, Dominic Galicia (Finalist, Highly Commended)

After that, history happened. The Philippines emerged triumphant at the World Architecture Festival 2023 in Singapore. At the award ceremony, outstanding Filipino representatives were recognized for their achievements. The University of Northern Philippines’ BALAY ARAPAAP secured the top spot in the Student Charette category. John Infante, a seasoned architect from Mede Architecture, claimed victory in the Architecture Drawing Prize with his work titled “(Re)membering the Sea Monster.” Additionally, WTA Architecture and Design Studio on the entry titled “Ferdinand E Marcos Stadium; Buensalido Architects with the entry “Pangasinan Barangay Centers”; and Dominic Galicia Architects on the entry “Kilyawan Farm Resorts,“ received high commendations in the WAF Completed Buildings-Sport, Civic, and Hotel and Leisure category respectively.

These victories not only showcase the exceptional talent and innovation of Filipino architects but also highlight the country’s rich architectural heritage and its commitment to pushing boundaries in design and construction. It is a testament to the Philippines’ architectural prowess and ability to stand alongside global architectural powerhouses.

(L-R) Arch. Roent Javelosa, Arch. Onet Coronel, Anna Cura, Arch. Royal Pineda, Satoshi Konagai, Hermie Limbo, Rose Ong, Arch. Art Alcantara, Alen Alban, Arch. Manny Miñana, Arian Zaragoza

It was truly a moment of pride for the Filipino architecture community as their hard work and creativity were recognized on an international stage. WAF 2023 has provided a platform for Filipino architects to showcase their unique perspectives, creative solutions, and contributions to the global architectural landscape. The recognition received by Filipino architects at WAF  2023 has further solidified their position in the global architectural community. 

Following that triumphant moment at the World Architecture Festival 2023, we all came together for a joyous Thanksgiving party before we returned to the Philippines. That night is truly a celebration of the collective success of Filipino architecture. 

This is the beginning of more Filipino Architecture success stories on the global stage. WAF 2023 has paved the way for more recognition and opportunities for Filipino architects to showcase their talents and what Filipinos can truly bring to every table. As the world continues to evolve, so does the field of architecture, and Filipino architects are poised to make even greater contributions to shaping the built environment.  

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