This Christmas, enjoy the World’s Magical Holiday Traditions… at Vista Land

Year after year, we face a multitude of differences as we contemplate our global communities. The boundaries we create reflect the numerous languages we have yet to speak and the religions seeking our understanding. Food, art, cultures, and customs distinct from our own seem as foreign to us as behaviors beyond our comprehension. The prospect of encountering such contrasts can be unsettling for some individuals, while for others, it is precisely what gives life meaning. However, as singular is one country and people from another, there is a moment each year when we unite in lights, laughter, and love: Christmas.

The world is cast aglow in festive lights to celebrate the holiday season, and music echoes from cities through towns and beyond. Regardless of one’s beliefs, Christmas remains a time for children, adorning our spaces, exchanging presents, and savoring not just one but perhaps a couple of meals with cherished family and friends. 

Green by day and shimmering by night, one will find both exhilaration and serenity this Christmas in Verida, Balanga City, Bataan.

Yuletide is marked by beloved traditions that span the globe, ranging from unique local practices to those cherished across generations and continents. Despite being diverse, they are all embraced with anticipation and joy. Vista Land, the Philippines’ largest integrated property developer, has committed to integrating these cultural treasures into its developments nationwide through Vista Estates, honoring and celebrating this rich tapestry of customs and celebrations dedicated to the birth of  Christ.

The Estates of Vista Land, Where Home is an Entire City

Vista Land has always believed that Filipinos deserve better. This driving belief has been integral to the company’s day-to-day operations and success, creating better, more expansive, globally oriented offerings and experiences for its residences. 

This continuous evolution has become the antecedent for Vista Estates, cities built within cities that offer what an urban sprawl purveys but in a microcosm. The metropolises-in-miniature come infused with themes and offerings inspired by the best-loved places designed to recreate living and lifestyles. Every Vista Estates is a fully integrated urban development that brings together vertical and horizontal residences, retail complexes, office buildings, universities, healthcare institutions, and leisure establishments. 

Apart from the infrastructure, Vista Estates offers residential options, entertainment options, work opportunities, vast open spaces, transportation hubs, and other conveniences one would find in a thriving city, but right in their backyards––within the communities they call home. The experience is elevated and global, taking the best the world has to offer home to roost. To date, there are 60 Vista Estates spread across the country, finding the places across the archipelago where Filipinos prefer to live, choose to raise their families, and dream about the tomorrows they work so hard for.

Bask in the Solemnity and Revelry of the Mediterranean

Drawing inspiration from the captivating ambiance of Spanish cities, Vista Estates’ Andaluz, Castellana, Olvera, Querencia, and Valencia wrap their commercial centers and towers with cascading walls of lights, mirroring the spectacular displays reminiscent of Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, enriching the essence of these communities. Marketplaces, bustling day and night, have emerged across parks, public squares, and pathways, catering to last-minute shoppers or passersby eager to relish in the arrays of food available at the stalls.

Andaluz in the city of Zamboanga draws inspiration from the captivating ambiance of Spanish cities.

Bramasole, Milano, Stanza, and Solasta take one a bit farther west to be awed by the many nativity scenes of Italy. Nearly every Filipino home must have its very own Belen, a tradition said to have been started by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. Yule logs are also key to the holiday décor on this side of the Mediterranean Sea, symbolizing luck and the arrival of presents while adding a rustic warmth to the spectacular holiday embellishments that adorn every community.

A Christmas in France? A brief journey is all it takes, with The Montage and Provence offering a pristine view of the snow-covered Alps and stunning southeastern French coastline. Beyond forests of light and sound, the breathtaking fireworks paint the night sky in vivid hues. The Christmas markets, thriving in almost every public area, exude even greater splendor in this setting. The scent of roasting chestnuts mingles with the fragrant pine in crisp December air to add to the Yuletide feel.

The Boom and Bustle of the Good Ol’ USA Livens the Holidays

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, Allegria, Altafina, Aspen, The Crescent, Georgia, and Scala captivate both residents and visitors with a Christmas reminiscent of the genteel yet exciting charm of New Orleans and the irrepressible energy of the world’s most happening entertainment centers of sunny California—with a stopover in Las Vegas. Spanning from east to west, the American Christmas spirit and exuberance fill every corner of these estates, promising to astound with dazzling light displays, harmonious carols in the air, Santa’s bustling workshops, whimsical dancing fountains, and maybe even a bit of snow here and there. Christmas will never be the same after this one!

Georgia in Iloilo city captivates both residents and visitors with a Christmas reminiscent of the genteel yet exciting charm of Georgia, the American state––and its namesake.

Gardens and Greenery Relax the Soul and Rejuvenate the Spirit

A number of developments are inspired by the great garden cities of the world, bringing greenery and a sense of well-being into the lives of its denizens. In Montessa, Praverde, Rosevale, Verida, and Verterra, Vista Estates has adorned its landscaped surroundings and vertical gardens with dazzling Yuletide forests, evoking wonder and delight. Green by day and shimmering by night, one will find both exhilaration and serenity this Christmas in the garden estates. 

The two wellness estates, Montvert and Santerra, seek to breathe new life into wearied souls and instill a feeling of calm intertwined with a renewed spirit. Adorned with holiday-themed decor, the water features complemented by soothing music set the mood for the generosity emblematic of the season. The tantalizing aromas of delectable cuisines and the delicate fragrances of pampering oils captivate the body and mind, preparing everyone for another splendid Christmas experience.

Nestled within lush gardens are opportunities to rediscover oneself and find grounding for the upcoming year during this holiday season. With The Midtown and North Commons, connectivity to the contemporary environment and its trappings is paramount. Vidarte asks us to seek inward, encouraging introspection and transforming our reflections into a vibrant expression of tomorrow.

An Investment into a Better Way of Living

Vista Land is investing into these master planned developments, making good on its promise to its homebuyers and investors to continue creating superior offerings, and, more importantly, deliver excellent long-term investment growth.

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