Häfele is Home: Making lives easier with building solutions

Häfele, a leading specialist in furniture fittings and architectural hardware, has been in the Philippines for more than two decades, offering intelligent hardware technology, lighting and electronic locking systems, and home appliances.

Through its bullish expansion in the Philippines, which has resulted in five nationwide offices, four warehouses, 15 showrooms, almost 400 outlets, and almost 300 professionals across the country, Häfele continues its mission of bringing innovative and complete building solutions.

“The strength of the company is in product management,” Häfele Philippines managing director Roland Poehlmann said. 

“We are the factory manufacturer of fittings and architectural hardware. We are ready to further provide our Filipino customers with more innovations that will make their life easier.”

Products that  fit every home

Since its establishment in the Philippines in 1992, Häfele has been the top distributor of innovative architectural hardware, furniture fittings, and bathroom accessories in the country. Patronized by top property developers, Häfele has expanded its presence in the Philippines through the establishment of physical stores covering various market segments including retail, industrial, corporate, residential, and e-commerce.

“When I came here a year ago, I was surprised by Häfele’s strong presence in the local market. From our free-standing display areas, we captured a wider market throughout B2B and B2C connections. This success has pushed Häfele to further expand its offerings by introducing home appliances that will not only provide more income streams for the company, but also allow Filipino families to enjoy their homes,” Poehlmann also said.

This year, Häfele has launched its Kitchen Solutions and Appliances from its specialty brands La Cornue En France, BORA, and Bosch.

“Häfele’s presence in the local market provided the company with its opportunity for us to grow. We are thankful for our local partners, especially the top home appliance stores in the Philippines, which opened their doors for us to introduce our products to Filipino customers,” Poehlmann added.

In the coming years, Häfele sees a brighter future for its Philippine operation given the continuous demand coming from the robust infrastructure industry in the Philippines.

“In 2022, we reported strong revenue growth, signaling our rebound from the pandemic. We are now seeing the continuous development of various residential projects from top real estate developers in the country, which will further drive our sales, as well as the presence of many more Filipino homes. We are also targeting to increase our outlets to around 700 by partnering with more local brands in the Philippines,” he said.

Häfele is also gearing toward sustainable operations and product lines. The company will ramp up its solar roofing line, along with its target of offering zinc- and aluminum-based products that will provide further efficiency and durability to one’s home.

“We are very committed to our tagline ‘Häfele is Home’ because we know how Filipinos value their homes as much as their families. Proudly made in Germany, our products fit every home in the world,” Poehlmann added.

For inquiries, visit https://www.hafele.com.ph/en/. Follow Häfele on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Check out its online stores on Shopee and Lazada.