Buildrite unveils expert solutions for wet areas

Buildrite, a leading construction materials provider, has announced a new waterproofing line.

The company has introduced the Blockout Expert Solutions for Wet Areas. 

The highlight of the product line is the Geo-Textile Waterproofing Membrane, designed for surface waterproofing of interior and exterior walls and floors in humid conditions. It is perfect for bathrooms, roof decks, elevated swimming pools, and tiled surfaces. Other products include the Blockout 40 membrane, Blockout 40 DS Drainage Sheet for roof gardens, and three polyurethane options for different traffic areas. 

Additionally, Buildrite offers the Blockout Bitum 2k for below-ground external waterproofing and the Blockout 40 DB Dimple Board for external basement wall waterproofing. 

To complete the range, Buildrite also offers the Blockout Pool and Blockout Clear for swimming pools and outdoor areas with existing tiles, respectively.

Buildrite Ribbon Cutting (L-R) Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. CEO – Derrick Tan, UAP President – Arch. Richard Garcia

“We are thrilled to introduce Blockout Expert Solutions for Wet Areas,” said Derrick Tan, Inventor and CEO of Magna Prime Chemicals Technologies Inc . 

“Our goal is to provide easy-to-install, durable, and effective waterproofing solutions for our customers.”

Buildrite is a leading construction materials provider, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of builders, contractors, and homeowners. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Buildrite strives to exceed customer expectations.