Elevate your home and living at One Tolentino East Residences in Tagaytay

Mention Tagaytay, and images of chilly weather, fresh air, and panoramic views of Taal volcano and the lake from a high vantage point immediately come to mind.

For decades, the “city for all occasions” in Cavite just an hour away from Metro Manila, has been drawing urban dwellers for events and getaways. 

Whether you’re in the mood to sip coffee with a view, indulge in a steaming bowl of bulalo or farm-to-table meal, or relax away from city life for the weekend, Tagaytay is always a popular choice.

One Tolentino East Residences, the maiden residential project of All Alphaland Landholdings and Development Corp (TAALDC), is a unique high-rise condominium neighborhood that promises to be an ideal leisure home in the famed ridge community.

“One Tolentino East Residences offers one-of-a-kind advantages and benefits that make it more than just a vacation house. With its inimitable location, spaciousness and overall innovative design, it brings to reality the desire of many urbanites to increasingly call Tagaytay their home,” said Gerard Ceballos, president of TAALDC.

Prime location and spacious units

“Despite time and distance, despite natural calamities and continuing challenges, Tagaytay has always been a weekend destination of choice for Filipinos,” said Tagaytay Mayor Antonio Tolentino.

While the city has earned a reputation for being a high-traffic area because of its widespread popularity, Tolentino pointed out that there are many entry and exit points to and from Tagaytay.

Fitness gym

This includes the newly opened CALAX interchange, which can cut travel time to 45 minutes to a little over an hour coming from Manila, and the future Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBEX), which is currently in the works.

The property boasts of a strategic location at the corner of Isaac Tolentino Road and the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road from Manila, which is highly accessible from five different entry points on

Aguinaldo Highway (including CAVITEX AND SLEX) and the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway (Nasugbu, Skyranch, and Twin Lakes). Thus, residents can enjoy a blend of the breezy ridge-side life while still getting the comforts of city living for work.

Infinity pool

Along with its prime location, the condo community also aims to bring the best attributes of a hospitality establishment into daily living with the luxury of space and uncompromising safety features designed to match the mountain ridge geography of the area.

With its generous unit sizes, One Tolentino East Residences offers an ideal choice for affluent individuals and families who want to establish a second home to upgrade from city living or grow their investment portfolio in the real estate market in a top tourist destination near the city.

The property has 700 units, ranging from one-bedroom configurations starting at 51 square meters to a sprawling 174 sqm for three-bedroom cuts. Complementing this are 700 residential parking spaces slots and 216 motorcycle parking slots.

The property also has various points of convergence for residents, including three lounges, an outdoor garden and playground, two infinity pools, a function room, a fitness area and studio, a reception lobby, and a commercial retail establishment for daily conveniences to add to the properties’ leisure and recreational appeal.

The lofty property offers residents superior views of Taal volcano and the lake, the highlands, the Manila skyline, and a premium space to enjoy the cool climate whenever they want.

Earthquake-proof and sustainable features

Another distinguishing feature to ensure residents’ peace of mind is a smart building system that ensures that the building is earthquake-proof and not just earthquake-resilient. 

One Tolentino East makes use of a Seismic Base Isolation System, an engineering system developed in Japan where the building’s structure is separated from its foundation or base to ensure that the building is protected even in the event of earthquakes.

According to Architect Cathy Saldaña, the project reflects true sustainability in Tagaytay as it makes use of green architecture, green engineering, and applications.

“For engineering, we will have rainwater catchments. We will find ways to implement renewable energy uses. It will also have a connection to the main power grid but at the same time have the allocation for solar power as well as other future renewables. We have allocations as well for EV charging,” she said.

Green architectural features will ensure the conservation of energy in terms of electricity, utilities, lighting, water usage and ensure the proper waste management systems to lower the building’s carbon footprint.

The architect stressed TAALDC’s visionary outlook to create a development that looks toward the future so that generations to come can “enjoy what true sustainability is.”

“The Tagaytay experience is all about nature, the climate, the weather, the height, the view, being away from the city. Whether this is your second home or your main home, it’s still a great distance, and sustainability is part of that,” Saldaña said.

Worthy investment

At present, the upscale units at One Tolentino East Residence range from P9 million to P14 million, with the exclusive penthouse units priced at P32 million. With Tagaytay’s vibrant local economy, property prices in the area are only expected to increase over time, benefiting those who want to utilize the units as their secondary home or for rental income for leisure homes or Airbnb properties.

The property also provides an investment into healthier living for starting families, retirees, and expats. Residents can take pleasure in the peaceful environment away from the congested city.

Tagaytay’s temperate climate, lush greenery, and picturesque views offer a more relaxing home environment. For both homeowners and investors, One Tolentino East Residences promises to offer a refreshingly new and higher perspective on Tagaytay as the most famous and enduring weekend destination outside Metro Manila.

For more information about One Tolentino East Residences, visit https://taaldc.com.ph/.