Hotel101 Global goes to Los Angeles

From Niseko to Spain and now to sunny Los Angeles in the United States West Coast, DoubleDragon Corp. subsidiary Hotel101 Global is really forging ahead with its plan to put itself on the global hospitality map. 

No less than tycoon Edgar “Injap” Sia II shared with me the good news. 

His Hotel101 Global has moved a step closer to expanding to the United States, marking its third Hotel101 overseas.

Hotel101 Global has already secured a 3,647-square meter of prime corner commercial lot in Los Angeles for the planned 622- unit hotel, which will be the first Hotel101 development in America.

It will be the first Hotel101 development in the USA and is aimed to be a favorite destination in the West Coast USA as the project is set to include about 20,000 square feet of convention and function facilities. 

Artist Perspective of Hotel101–Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California, USA

From this project, the company expects sales revenues of about P10 billion or $183 million.

This step completes the first three strategic overseas sites of Hotel101 located in Japan, Spain and USA, and is set to enable Hotel101 to transcend as a truly global brand.

Sia said the pandemic has not prevented the company from proceeding with its growth plans including Hotel101-Los Angeles.

“As history has taught us, major economic recessions have actually served as a launchpad for many inspiring entrepreneurs to leap forward. These temporary periods of dislocation and chaos have created rare windows of opportunity for their businesses to strengthen their market grip and enable many of them to become what we know today as the world’s most incredible and durable businesses,” Sia said.

This step completes the first three strategic overseas sites of Hotel101 located in Japan, Spain and USA, and is set to enable Hotel101 to transcend as a truly global brand, said Hannah Yulo-Luccini, CEO of Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd.

The Hotel101-Los Angeles site is in the Westlake North District of Los Angeles and is conveniently located about five minutes away from Downtown LA, Dodger Stadium and the previous Staples Center.

It is also only about a 10- minute drive to Hollywood and about 20 minutes away from Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, the location is very accessible from Highway 101 while the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is only about a 20-minute drive.

Hotel101 facilities include a swimming pool, a fitness gym, as well as commercial space for a 24-hour convenience store. There are also function rooms with views of the entire Los Angeles skyline. 

In all, the first three overseas Hotel101 projects will be in Niseko Hokkaido Japan, Madrid Spain and Los Angeles, California USA. These first three overseas sites will serve as bridge projects to jumpstart the transition of Hotel101 to transcend beyond these first three countries and become a global brand with a truly unique business concept that can be planted in over 100 countries. 

Target near term expansion roadmap for Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. is to be in these first 25 countries by 2026 namely: Philippines, Japan, Spain, USA, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France and China.