The Great Last

The Estate Makati, a joint project of two real estate luminaries, Sy and Ty, is the final development in the country’s historic Apartment Ridge.

In the heart of Makati’s historic Apartment Ridge, a new architectural marvel has taken shape, marking the culmination of the district’s rich heritage. The Estate Makati, a visionary project brought to life by the esteemed collaboration of real estate luminaries, Sy and Ty, now graces the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Urdaneta Village. This exclusive enclave is steeped in history and has been home to diplomats, tycoons, and the country’s elite since the 1940s. Today, it stands as a testament to the evolution of Makati, a once-swamp turned into a sophisticated cultural and business hub.

Sir Norman Foster, one of the greatest architects of his generation.

Makati’s transformation—from farmlands cultivated during Spanish times to a thriving metropolis—is a saga of progress and prominence. The district’s ascent began in 1937 with the construction of Luzon’s first airport, the Nielsen Airport, leaving traces of its legacy on what we now know as Ayala Avenue. Post-war, Makati emerged as the epicenter of business and society, marked by the establishment of Forbes Park in 1949 and the relocation of Manila Polo Club and Manila Golf to the area. Prestigious villages like San Lorenzo, Bel-Air, Urdaneta, and Dasmariñas further adorned the landscape, completing Makati’s journey to sophistication.

Even with the constant hum of the central business district, The Estate Makati home offers a quiet respite in the midst of all the corporate bustle.

The Apartment Ridge along Ayala Avenue witnessed the rise of luxury apartment buildings catering to a select clientele. This stretch has become synonymous with affluence—from the Monterey Apartments to Gilarmi, Urdaneta Apartments, Twin Towers, Makati Tuscany, Pacific Plaza, and Ritz Towers, the latter a project by two of the country’s leading tycoons. Now, Sy and Ty, stalwarts of the real estate industry, have once more joined forces to introduce the epitome of luxury living—The Estate Makati, the final jewel in this crown of exclusivity.

The Estate Makati espouses quiet living, and Foster’s design reflects this philosophy.

The Estate Makati stands as the ultimate and definitive masterpiece within this esteemed enclave. It is crafted by Foster + Partners, founded by the eminent Sir Norman Foster, who is revered as one of the finest and most influential architects of both the 20th and 21st centuries. His design philosophy seamlessly aligns with The Estate Makati’s vision, embodying “an inclusive approach that transcends the boundaries of imagined space, considering its purpose, its context within space and time, and its environmental impact.”

The Estate Makati embodies the essence of quiet living within a bustling metropolis. Foster’s ingenious cross-shaped design ensures that every residence enjoys the privilege of being a corner unit, granting them unparalleled privacy and a breathtaking 270-degree view of the city. With strategically angled windows and state-of-the-art double-glazing technology, The Estate Makati offers a serene sanctuary, shielding residents from the urban cacophony while embracing the cityscape.

The Estate Makati has a Gold rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the world’s most widely used green building rating system.

Beyond its aesthetic brilliance, The Estate Makati pioneers green innovations that redefine sustainable living. Deep horizontal fins on the façade provide shade and natural ventilation, which minimizes power consumption. Each residence is equipped with an electric car charging station, reflecting its dedication to eco-conscious living. All these innovations helped earn The Estate Makati a Gold rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a testament to its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Space, a coveted commodity in condominium living, takes center stage at The Estate Makati. The innovative double-slab technology, a first in the market, conceals apartment services within the void between floors and ceilings, enabling seamless, column-free living. This revolutionary approach allows for limitless interior configurations and customization, ensuring residents enjoy both spaciousness and privacy without encroaching on their neighbors’ tranquility.

The Estate Makati stands as an ode to the harmonious blend of history, innovation, and architectural brilliance. In this final chapter of Makati’s Apartment Ridge storied legacy, Sir Norman Foster’s vision converges with the aspirations of the privileged few, creating an enduring masterpiece that will echo through generations. As the sun sets over the Makati skyline, The Estate Makati stands tall—a rare jewel preserving the past while embracing the future.