Greenfield unveils new chapter for Solen Residences

Entering a new era of exquisite living, Sta. Rosa, Laguna will see  a remarkable expansion that is sure to excite its people.

Greenfield Development Corp. is set to redefine the real estate market with its upcoming The Solen Residences expansion project.

Extending across five hectares, this expansion brings the entire development of The Solen Residences to 55 hectares.

A total of 178 lots have been added within the area, expanding the available lots to 1,267, which responds to the rising demand for housing in the Sta. Rosa community, which became evident when the initial phase of Solen almost sold out at 97 percent.

The varied lot sizes, ranging from 150 to 270 square meters, make the Solen expansion different from any other expansion projects. It ensures future residents the perfect spot for their dream homes. The tree-lined roads are another distinct feature. A signature of Greenfield’s developments, it creates an aesthetically-pleasing environment as residents open the doors and windows of their homes.

Located at Greenfield City in Brgy. Don Jose, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, The Solen Residences is three kilometers away from Eton-Greenfield City Exit on the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

Investment-worthy property

Having an impressive track record for exceptional growth, the Solen brand has property values that have risen to 217 percent since it launched its initial phase in 2011.

The additional lots of the Solen expansion project not only boosts the already-established success it has, but positions itself as a great investment opportunity for those looking for real estate prospects.

With the city having such a growing community, it is not only residents of Solen that benefit from the project but the vibrant economic activity within Greenfield City, as well.

This economic synergy paves the way for enhanced services, amenities, and conveniences for the Solen residents and the surrounding communities. It’s a win-win scenario, where the Solen expansion project contributes to the region’s economic vitality while also enriching the lifestyle of its residents.

A perfect place for memories

Entering Solen, you immediately have a world of your own. A perfect place to create memories with family and friends, it allows you to build a home where you can create endless experiences.  

What makes Solen different is its combination of nature and contemporary living. Tucked away amidst the verdant beauty of Sta. Rosa, it gives off a natural playground vibe for its residents, with tree-line avenues leading the way towards breathtaking vistas, crystal-clear lakes, vibrant parks, and the serene embrace of nature.

At Solen, life is celebrated in all forms, making the expansion not just a place of residence but a place to bloom in the midst of the beautiful nature.

A community for dreamers

Being a canvas for future residents with a refined taste for life, the Solen expansion project brings about people from various backgrounds—dreamers who step out of their comfort zone to fulfill their destinies, occupying management roles, opening businesses, or excelling in their different professional journeys. 

Despite coming from different backgrounds, this community comes together not just for career successes but a shared vision of living the extraordinary lifestyle. They are not just residents; they are catalysts of a new chapter in their lives.

The Solen expansion project has already captured the interest of potential homeowners and investors. The land development is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2025, promising a well-designed and sustainable community.

Greenfield Development Corp. promises not just homes but a lifestyle that’s both captivating and sustainable, creating a legacy that will resonate for generations to come. As The Solen Expansion Project unfolds, it strengthens the company’s commitment to redefining real estate excellence in the Philippines.