Amazing Lifescapes by Vista Estates await Filipinos in Visayas

The latest additions to the Visayas Region’s real estate landscape are Vista Estates master-planned communities that seamlessly integrate modernity, innovation, and smart technology with diverse lifestyle offerings. These spanning developments are exceptionally crafted to deliver an unparalleled living experience that is nothing short of amazing.

Olvera: Inspired by the Pueblos Blancos of Cadiz, Spain 

Inspired by a village in Sierra de Cadiz, Olvera is part of Spain’s famous Pueblos Blancos. Located along the White Village Route, where all structures are painted in bright white, standing out for a clean and historic look against the blue sky and the surrounding green mountains, Olvera looks over the countryside, where olive trees are planted as far as the eyes can see. The Spanish government declared it “A Protected Area of Artistic and Historical Importance” in 1983.

 The site of one of the newest estates in Visayas, Bacolod City in Negros Occidental is well loved for its food, festivals, and friendliness and is aptly dubbed the Philippines’ “City of Smiles.” Whether one lives here or is just visiting, the city and its people always make one feel at home.

 Bacolod offers modern conveniences and entertainment that comfortably mingle with homes and traditions of generations past, as the locale’s heritage dates back to the Spanish colonial era. Adored for its irresistible cuisine, Bacolod—and the resorts that fringe the island’s coastline—is a shrine for local and global travelers. 

 Its multi-tower condominium cluster, Olvera Residences, takes full advantage of the city’s charm. Standing on a one-hectare property where the bustle of a booming town meets the genteel elegance known to every Bacolodnon, it has much to offer to those looking for either ready-to-move-in homes or ready-to-run business places, or both.

Georgia: Positioned as Iloilo’s biggest lifestyle destination

Georgia is being masterplanned to replicate Georgia, the American state––and its namesake. Georgia’s three colonial cities, Savannah, Atlanta, and Augusta call up images of opposite yet complementing cityscapes. This perfect synergy of countryside and enterprise inspires Georgia, which plays perfectly into the serene disposition of the Ilonggos while catering to their just-as-innate entrepreneurial temper.

Vista Estates is planting vertical residences and a lifestyle hub within the sprawling estate. Mid-rise buildings in the genteel colors and textures peek out from parks and trellised trails studded with water features. This nature-inspired complex will give its residents a vibrant and interactive central node named for one of Georgia’s most beloved cities: Atlanta. A tribute to the bustling city next door––and its residents’ dreams for modern, hip, and, energetic lifestyle choices–– Atlanta will be a nexus complete with the iconic Vista Mall surrounded by a trendy hotel for the guests, and mid-rise mixed-use residential towers called Augusta Residences. There will be office spaces, and a wellness and leisure hub designed to elevate the lifestyle of the locals and investors. 

Savannah will be the development’s laidback area. Much like the Georgian city it is inspired by, Savannah will offer a horizontal residential development, a FIFA standard football field, and a church. There will also be a second commercial development, to give Georgia’s residents a plethora of leisure and entertainment choices.

The third district will be named after Georgia’s second-oldest city, Augusta, known for its Southern charm. It will feature a mix of vertical abodes and commercial  strips replicating the vibe of this well-loved city — rows of eclectic restaurants offering soul-satisfying cuisine, and  novel retail concepts that will marry the best of fashion and lifestyle.

Catalan Sensibilities Mold Perfectly with the Cebuano Lifestyle in Valencia

Taking its cue from Spanish Modernista architecture, Catalonia’s version of the English Arts and Crafts movement, the towers of Valencia will be marked with a stylish diversity of historically-derived touches. The predominance of curves, rich decoration, detail, organic motifs, and a prevalence of asymmetry characterizes the design.

 The multi-tower development will transform the cityscape within five hectares in the heart of Lapu-Lapu City. Green pathways will pay tribute to the graceful lines and organic detailing of the Modernista style. Valencia will also feature a commercial hub with retail and food and beverage concepts.

Valencia will create a vibrant environment festooned by landscapes integrating work and play. It will build vertical residences and recreational spaces that offer a dynamic metropolis while paying homage to heritage.

An Investment into a Better Way of Living

Vista Land is investing into these master planned developments, making good on its promise to its homebuyers and investors to continue creating superior offerings, and, more importantly, deliver excellent long-term investment growth.

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