Hotel101 opens its global sales hub and corporate office in Singapore

DoubleDragon Corp.’s subsidiary Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. has officially opened its Global Corporate Office and Global Sales Hub in Singapore. 

DoubleDragon purchased a prime office space located at the fourth floor of the PLUS Building at the heart of Raffles Place for Hotel101 Global Pte Ltd’s Global Corporate Office. 

The Global Sales Hub is also located in the same building and has the newest version of Hotel101’s signature 21 square meter HappyRoom.

The new Hotel101 Global look has been designed for construction and operational efficiency, optimizing the use of modular furniture and fixtures as well as the use of prefabricated bathrooms. 

DoubleDragon Corp.’s subsidiary Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. has officially opened its global corporate office and global sales hub in Singapore.

Hotel101 is expected to become known as one of the most technologically advanced hotel chains across all parts of its value chain. Furthermore, the next version of the Hotel101 App is set to integrate the fully automated self-check-in system with IOT capability.

For its signature look, Hotel101 has chosen the ‘banig’ — the traditional handwoven mat of the Philippines. 

Banigs are where Filipino families would gather, form lasting bonds and shape memories. The banig symbolizes home, and that’s how we want you to feel when you are staying at Hotel101. 

The Hotel101 banig colors were carefully chosen to radiate happiness and intended to evoke a Filipino touch in all Hotel101 projects across different countries worldwide. The Hotel101 signature modern banig was designed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to symbolize that Hotel101 will always stay ahead of the curve in technological advances. 

“If there is one hotel chain that can optimize the use of modern technology in the global hospitality space, we believe it will be Hotel101, given its pioneering standardized signature 21 sqm HappyRooms and asset-light concept globally,” said DoubleDragon chairman Edgar Injap Sia II. 

The Hotel101 Global Corporate Office, meanwhile, functions as the hub for the company’s team members who are based in different countries “as we form the right mix of experienced team members that will efficiently lead the expansion of the Hotel101 Unique and Asset-Light business model simultaneously in various countries,” said Hotel101 Global CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini. 

“We invite everyone to drop by the Hotel101 Sales Hub at the Ground Floor of PLUS Building in Singapore and grab some complimentary Filipino Blend Coffee, just download the free Hotel101 Global Booking App for entry and that’s it,” added Yulo-Luccini.

Hotel101 Overseas Expansion

The first three overseas Hotel101 projects will be in Niseko Hokkaido Japan, Madrid Spain and California USA. These first three overseas sites will serve as bridge projects to jumpstart the transition of Hotel101 to transcend beyond these first three countries and become a global brand with a truly unique business concept that can be planted in over 100 countries. 

Target near term expansion roadmap for Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. is to be in these first 25 countries by 2026 namely: Philippines, Japan, Spain, USA, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France and China. 

 “Given that the world economy is getting more and more fragile and volatile, we deemed it imperative that the only way to future-proof itself is to passionately pursue the target of DoubleDragon’s revenues to be derived from geographically diversified sources. Eventually over the long term, we aim that no single country will contribute over 10 percent of the company’s revenue and income,” Sia said.

At the same time, Sia said that DoubleDragon would remain a deeply rooted Filipino company and would continue to do its part in nation-building.