A walk with a Purpose: Ambassadors for Life 2023 and the Fight Against Cancer in the Philippines

The Philippine Cancer Society’s annual event, “Best Dressed Women of the Philippines,” is a wonderful platform that brings fashion and philanthropy together to tackle one of society’s most serious adversaries—cancer.

This year, I was invited to share the stage and walk in the Ambassadors for Life (AFL) 2023, which took place on September 27, 2023, at Shangri-la, Fort Manila Taguig. AFL is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for the Philippine Cancer Society with the outstanding efforts of the Philippines’ best-dressed women. 

It is not new to us that cancer is a formidable enemy, affecting countless lives and families in the Philippines and worldwide, which is why the Ambassadors for Life campaign offers a light of hope. The organization exemplifies how individuals from diverse backgrounds, including business and retail sectors, can come together with a shared purpose– to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

Filhome Builders President and CEO James Bosch, Janiefer Bosch, Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, Amos Ong and Limson Marketing Chairman James Lim.

While the Best Dressed Women of the Philippines represent a unique blend of grace, elegance, and compassion, their involvement in AFL 2023 highlights the idea that fashion can be a powerful tool for positive change by showcasing not only defining trends but also how the fashion business can transcend beyond “just fashion” by employing their influence and status. That is why I decided to participate in the event: to share the platform with other leaders.

Awarded as a previous Best Dressed, a leader, and a mother, my heart wants to be active in this matter in order to assist cancer patients with their needs, particularly their medications. I also want to promote open conversations about cancer prevention, early detection, and the importance of support networks for patients and their families.

Being part of AFL 2023, we stand together as Ambassadors for Life, illustrating that the fight against cancer is not limited to the medical community.

I remember how everyone inside and outside social media committed to making a difference in the battle against cancer. I believe that our combined efforts will create lasting awareness, generate crucial funds, and, most importantly, provide hope to those affected by this formidable disease.

As part of the Wilcon Depot for years, our mission is to help people build, improve, and refine their homes for a sustainable and comfortable life. But I know that we are not just limited to that. Now that retail companies have been working on extending their reach and impact beyond its own realm, Wilcon Depot is also taking the initiative to broaden its influence and contribute positively to society in new and innovative ways.

As a representative of Wilcon Depot, joining the fight against cancer through ramping on stage on Ambassadors for Life 2023 is an extension of our commitment to strengthening the lives of Filipinos.

This event inspired me to encourage everyone to join us and continue to unite, advocate, and work tirelessly to ease the burden of cancer in the Philippines and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Remember that together, we are stronger, and our efforts, no matter how small, will always have a significant impact on each other’s lives.