Jade Residences: Your retreat to a luxe zen haven in Makati City

SMDC recently launched its newest addition in Chino Roces Avenue—Jade Residences, an embodiment of timeless beauty with its contemporary architecture, thoughtfully crafted interiors and luxurious amenities. 

Jade Residences, drawing inspiration from Asian cultures, provides an effortlessly elegant lifestyle, where meticulously designed amenities akin to the jade gemstone, foster harmony and elevate residents’ daily routines to create a haven of serenity and wellness. 

More Luxurious Offerings

Throughout the development, a harmonious blend of indulgence prevails. Within the lobby, The Tea Lounge beckons residents to unwind and foster connections. The Serenity Pool, an exquisite visual delight, creates an oasis of relaxation, while the Therapy Walk turns through greeneries, offering a sanctuary that’s close to home. 

Tea Room, Artist’s Perspective

The development also has a kiddie pool and play area for young residents and a complete fitness gym for those who enjoy staying active. 

The Entertainment Center which comprises the Game Area, Music Room, and Media Lounge invites residents to unwind and socialize while the Sauna Area and Massage Room add a touch of personal indulgence.

Jade Residences has indeed taken living to the next level by blending various leisure amenities all in one location. 

Therapy Walk, Artist’s Perspective

Makati’s Premier Gateway

Makati City has always been a dynamic and ever-evolving metropolis. From its humble beginnings, it has grown into the Philippines’ premier business and financial district, as well as a vibrant lifestyle hub. Over the years, Makati has continually reinvented itself, staying at the forefront of innovation in urban planning and development

One area that has experienced significant growth and transformation is Chino Roces Avenue, now referred to as the Makati Southwest Gateway. Known for its blend of modernity and tradition, this vibrant area serves as an example of the city’s continuous evolution thereby solidifying Makati as a lucrative real estate investment. 

At the center of the Makati Southwest Gateway is Jade Residences, which takes living in this thriving district to the next level.

Luxury Made Attainable

As Makati City is known for its opulent residential villages and lavish condominiums, Jade Residences stands as a unique opportunity in real estate investment. While this bustling metropolis is renowned for its high-end offerings, Jade Residences, in its pre-selling stage, presents a remarkable chance for investors to access the realm of luxury living. With Jade Residences, the pinnacle of urban luxury becomes not just a dream but a tangible reality for discerning investors in Makati City.

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