Discover the Elegance of Forbes Estates Lipa: Where Privilege Meets Prestige

Discover the Elegance of Forbes Estates Lipa: Where Privilege Meets Prestige

In a world that constantly seeks the extraordinary, Robinsons Land, one of the country’s premier property developers, designed and developed Forbes Estates Lipa. This 21-hectare residential haven in Lipa, Batangas redefines the concept of luxurious living, offering a life built on three key foundations: Exclusivity, Connectivity, and a Sustainable Future. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a privilege you can own, reserved for the select few who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Legacy Living: Where Prestige Meets Serenity

Forbes Estates Lipa unveils its first pillar – Legacy Living. Here, owning a property transcends the ordinary; it becomes a quiet statement of prestige and status. With only 221 thoughtfully curated residential lots, boasting an average size of 500 square meters, Forbes Estates Lipa ensures that exclusivity, privacy, and security are at the forefront of your experience.

This premium gated community is your canvas to create your lasting legacy. It’s your opportunity to reconnect with your roots, build a second home, create your retirement haven, or simply enjoy a peaceful retreat whenever you desire to slow down and savor life’s precious moments.

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Seamless Living: Where Tranquility Meets Accessibility

The second pillar, Seamless Living, invites you to embrace the best of both worlds. At Forbes Estates Lipa, you’ll experience a harmonious life within the privacy of your own neighborhood while maintaining effortless connectivity to key destinations that matter.

This visionary project offers direct access to major thoroughfares and highways leading to Metro Manila and South Luzon’s bustling commercial hubs. Located along the national highway in the vibrant heart of Lipa, Forbes Estates Lipa ensures that modern conveniences and a plethora of recreational and lifestyle activities are just a short, scenic drive away.

This exceptional community ensures accessibility to daily essentials and a myriad of leisure destinations, including S&R Lipa, Robinsons Place Lipa, the prestigious Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club, and various places of worship.

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Forbes Estates Lipa also prioritizes the well-being of its residents by offering proximity to top-notch medical facilities, such as Metro Lipa Medical Center, Lipa Medix Medical Hospital, and San Antonio Medical Center Lipa, ensuring quick access for both routine check-ups and emergencies. Here, residents can truly enjoy the best of both worlds – a serene and well-connected lifestyle in the heart of Lipa.

Green Living: Where Nature Meets Innovation

Forbes Estates Lipa’s third pillar, Green Living, encourages residents to become stewards of sustainability. Here, living close to nature and greenery isn’t just a promise; it’s a way of life. The development proudly incorporates environmentally-sound features that reflect a commitment to preserving our planet.

Robinsons Land has made substantial investments in green infrastructure, conserving energy and water resources. From underground utilities to a sustainable disposal system to a solar rooftop clubhouse, Forbes Estates Lipa sets the bar high for eco-conscious living.

Amidst its lush surroundings, Forbes Estates Lipa offers an array of open space amenities. From spacious pocket parks to a sprawling 1-hectare club amenity area, dedicated bike lanes to scenic jogging paths, this community provides you and your loved ones with the perfect backdrop to create cherished memories while embracing a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Revel in the comfort and community enveloped by verdant scenes and consciously designed amenity spaces at the Estate Park and Forbes Club, designed to improve residents’ way of life. The Estate Park is one of the central features of the enclave which houses pocket open spaces such as the Picnic Grove, Pet Park, Tranquillity Garden, and Wellness Park. The Forbes Club is a central sport and society hub featuring the Fitness Center, Pool Deck, Children’s Play Park, Multi-Sport Covered Court, and even a Grand Ballroom.

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Invest in an Award-Winning Development

PropertyGuru, an esteemed award-giving body, has recognized Forbes Estates Lipa as the “Best Lifestyle Development” and “Best Health & Wellness Development” in the 2022 PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards. These accolades further underscore the commitment of Robinsons Land to create a sanctuary that encompasses privilege, connectivity and sustainability in every aspect of living.

As you embark on your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, consider the privilege of owning a piece of Forbes Estates Lipa. It’s more than just a property; it’s your invitation to a life built on exclusivity, connectivity, sustainability, and, above all, privilege. Visit their website today to explore the exquisite world of Forbes Estates Lipa, where luxury and legacy converge in perfect harmony.

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