Two Grand Townships Rise in Cagayan de Oro

Introducing the Midtown and Montage—both by Vista Estates

Hugging the dazzling Macajalar Bay on the northern coast of Mindanao is Cagayan de Oro City––the jewel of the province of Misamis Oriental. On a clear day, from atop the foothills that link CDO to its neighboring Bukidnon, you can actually spy the island of Bohol across the Bay where it flows into the pristine Bohol Sea. The charm of the city, however, disguises the fact that it is also a boomtown—building a flourishing economy on the wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, automobile repair, agriculture, fishing, forestry, BPOs, and tourism. Misamis Oriental, in fact, is the third biggest contributor to Northern Mindanao’s development, with Cagayan de Oro holding sway as its regional center.

Once part of Southeast Asia’s ancient maritime trading network, CDO has been dubbed the “Gateway to Northern Mindanao.” The reverse is also true. It is also “Mindanao’s Gateway to the Visayas,” allowing Northern Mindanao to hold its post as one of the three major growth centers in southern Philippines, with Cagayan de Oro as its commercial and industrial hub. Its location is undeniably significant. With a coastline on the Macajalar Bay, a deep-water harbor, the Port of Cagayan de Oro has long been one of the country’s major industrial ports and the busiest government port in Northern Mindanao. Macajalar Bay also boasts one of the richest fishing grounds in Northern Mindanao, and with the completion of a recent massive rehabilitation project, the port has become the largest international and domestic seaport in the country.

Taking from the English of its name “River of Gold,” CDO is best loved as “The City of Golden Friendships,” owing to the warmth and hospitality of its people. Beyond that, it has also come to be known as “The City of Golden Opportunities,” brought on by the accelerated growth the metropolis has been evincing. To date, CDO is considered the regional growth capital of Northern Mindanao allowing investments to pour into the city––thus winning the honor of being selected as one of the country’s “Top Five Most Competitive Cities”—outranking even Makati. Yet, although the city’s economic and industry growth has been rapid, it is still about 45% agriculture, with another 38% open land. This gives Cagayan de Oro a rustic, gentle charm with little of the stressful bustle that normally comes with development. It is an alluring place to live and build a career.

This is why Vista Estates believes that Northern Mindanao is the ideal city to master plan two breathtaking townships. In Canitoan, The Midtown by Vista Estates is coming up; and in Lumbia, Montage by Vista Estates is already an amazing place to live, work, and simply enjoy life.

In the booming town of Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro, The Montage by Vista Estates is growing into a grand European estate.

A Fountain of Dazzling Experiences Rise in the Heart of CDO

The Midtown by Vista Estates is getting warmed up and ready to upend the sedate and warm allure that CDO is loved for with a full spectrum of offerings and landmarks. Envisioned as one of the country’s exciting destinations, the metropolis is master planned with a host of both familiar and new retail shops, food and beverage selections, and entertainment adventures.

Designed largely to offer a range of retail and business possibilities, The Midtown will take CDO by storm with office towers, and mixed-used buildings inspired by progressive cities of the world, as well as globally-renowned exhibition and entertainment venues.

Destined to become a landmark for Northern Mindanao, the Canitoan estate is growing into a collection of world-class points of convergence blueprinted for the evolving lifestyles of the modern-day Kagay-anon. There will be a wealth of entertainment options at The Midtown, including malls, markets, and food halls spread out around office towers and open parks. Walking and jogging paths, green corridors, and pocket parks will make the township both a scenic community and a health-and-wellness nexus.

Beyond retail therapy and career possibilities, The Midtown will come with a desirable residential assortment within its first cluster of vertical offering, The Midtown Residences, ideal for those looking into the conveniences and security of a condominium. These vertical residences are designed after the more modern international architectural wonders. Set within greenery of gardens and landscaped avenues, the condominium clusters will come with a central leisure hub offering play and sports amenities, function venues, and mini parks and piazzas––all protected by 24/7 security and roving guards.

Inspired by globally-renowned exhibition and entertainment venues, The Midtown by Vista Estates will take CDO by storm with office towers and mixed-use buildings.

A mixed-use development, The Midtown will exquisitely combine a sprawling main commercial center, office buildings, a network hub, and stunning residential towers. This will be the perfect place for Kagay-anons to build a career, raise their families, and aspire for whatever their hearts desire.

A Grand European-inspired Estate is Breathing Majesty Into Cagayan de Oro

One can only grasp the full definition of “grand” when presented with something as visually captivating as Montage as Vista Estates. Beyond the city proper of Cagayan de Oro, in the booming town of Lumbia, Montage is growing into a grand European estate.

Taking inspiration from the rich and elaborate European architecture, Montage will be a sprawling exposition of major art movements, from the Renaissance that puts emphasis on symmetry and proportion to the lavish elements of the Baroque that highlights opulence, grandeur, and emotion. The Postmodern era with its futuristic and eye-catching works of art are also considered as well as contemporary styles, where 21st century is defined by a fusion of compelling structures.

BelMonde Residences in Montage by Vista Estates will be constructed with intelligent building design replete with modern-day technology and relaxing amenities.

Montage is thoughtfully divided into five zones. Zones One and Three are residential havens offering both horizontal gated neighborhoods and a condominium village aptly called Belmonde Residences. BelMonde will be constructed with intelligent building design, replete with modern-day technology, and relaxing amenities. The Second and Fourth Zones will be designed to house both commercial and business centers while Zone Five takes care of its residents’ wellness and hospitality needs.

The township is blueprinted for the evolving lifestyles of the Kagay-anon, showcasing the best Vista Estates has to offer in a one-of-a kind European inspired estate. Here, Filipinos can set their sights on grander tomorrows for themselves and their families.

An investment into a better way of living

Vista Land is investing into these master planned developments, making good on its promise to its homebuyers and investors to continue creating superior offerings, and more importantly, deliver excellent long-term investment growth.

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