Prime Opportunities: Why investing in Mantawi Residences is worth every penny

The demand for premium developments has grown in recent years, driven by people’s desire for independence and financial freedom. A Colliers report* from earlier this year noted that investors are shifting to these developments due to their “capital appreciation potential and viability as a hedge against inflation”.

That’s why RLC Residences, residential division of Robinsons Land, aims to raise the game by giving future homeowners a home they deserve through Mantawi Residences in Cebu.

Introduced in April of this year, the property offers an elevated living experience beyond usual offerings while being at the center of a progressive city. 

“We at RLC Residences aim to further empower Cebu’s residential landscape by creating a community wherein homebuyers can raise their aspirations for success, live bigger dreams, and connect to limitless opportunities. This is what we have in mind in designing Mantawi Residences” says Karen Cesario, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer of RLC Residences.

Prime Location

One of the indicators of a premium property is its sought-after location. Seasoned investors look for a place where growth is guaranteed in terms of current and future development plans and its accessibility to essential destinations and establishments, since these factor to the value appreciation and rental demand once the property is built. 

Situated in a prime spot for progress, Mantawi Residences is nestled between the powerhouse cities of Cebu and Mandaue. The strategic positioning along Ouano Avenue, a bustling thoroughfare in Cebu, can offer the needed convenience potential renters look for as the development easily connects them to multiple establishments such as major hospitals, commercial centers, and academic institutions.

Retail Area of Mantawi Residences (Artist_s Perspective)

In addition, Cebu is poised for growth in the coming years. The government’s future development plans, such as the Metro Cebu Expressway and the Cebu Bus Transit, will support the already booming economy. This perfectly positions Mantawi Residences to capitalize on this growth, as it offers front-row seats to key projects soon to rise in the area. As a result, this makes the development attractive to investors and homebuyers, for it makes a sound investment choice especially to those who are looking for a long-term one. 

Spacious and Future-Ready Home

A premium residential property offers expansive living spaces and is equipped for the future. Such features serve both convenience and upgraded security, highlighting the developer’s meticulous attention to detail. Thus, the property becomes a delightful choice for discerning buyers and tenants seeking a refined living experience.

Artist_s Perspective of Mantawi Residences Unit

What makes Mantawi Residences a prime property to watch out for are its generously-sized units with features that are aimed to provide ultimate living convenience. Ranging from 46 to 207 sqm., the units are efficiently designed and come with its own loggia or extended living space where homeowners and tenants can unwind and relax while admiring the beautiful cityscape of Cebu.

But what completes these units are the smart home features that come built in all flats. These upgrades everyday living experience as it allows dwellers to conveniently manage their homes with just few taps on their phones. A work-from-home space provision is also incorporated, plus the whole development is designed with fiber optic technology for fast connection.

Leveraging its smart capabilities and meticulous design, the development is an attractive home investment to have especially for those who look for long-term growth and stability. Whether you aim to live here or lease it out, this property will surely be a choice for discerning home seekers. 

Beyond Ordinary Amenities

Premium developments are home to exclusive facilities that are intentionally made available to elevate the overall living experience. In case of Mantawi Residences, it comes in form of hyper-sized amenities spread out in 1.3 hectares of dedicated space.

Amenity Area of Mantawi Residences (Artist_s Perspective)

From beach-inspired pools, landscaped and al fresco dining areas, to fitness center, jog trail and impressive lounges for work and leisure, this property offers more than meets the eye. It even has its own pet park suitable for fur parents, and its own Game Room and Private Theater where intimate dinners or gatherings can take place.

With these facilities in one development, not only will it guarantee appreciation of your capital but will also be a viable proposition for your future tenants.

“As a real estate developer, we strive to provide quality and one-of-a-kind development for the Cebu market – especially now that we see their readiness to venture into more upscale properties. We couldn’t be more proud to bring Mantawi Residences to life as part of Cebu’s new frontier of progress – an asset designed for forward-thinking investors,” Cesario shares.

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