Driven by vision and fueled by passion, Villar to create new ‘center of gravity’ of Metro Manila

He has always been a visionary, an architect of change and innovation who has made a profound impact on the lives of millions of Filipinos across the country.

For decades now, self-made tycoon Manuel B. Villar Jr. has been helping shape the country through the companies he has founded, the biggest of which is Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc.

In building thousands of residences, communities, offices and commercial complexes, Villar was able to offer beautiful homes to countless families, create world-class communities inspired by some of the most beautiful cities in the world, generate fresh jobs, provide leisure and entertainment and essentially, uplift the nation’s standards of living.

“Filipinos deserve beautiful things, to live in beautiful homes and safe communities, without needing to travel abroad. I remember when I first stepped foot in the University of the Philippines, I was amazed to see and be surrounded by all those huge Acacia trees spread across the campus. I grew up in the slums and for me, to be surrounded by all that greenery was refreshing,” Villar shared.

A vision fulfilled

Today, Villar has already accomplished much of what he has envisioned—to create safe, modern yet picturesque communities nestled amid serene landscapes and captivating vistas.

Beyond brick and mortar, Villar has given Filipinos a gateway to enriched living—vibrant havens with curated amenities, thriving green spaces, and thoughtfully designed recreational facilities that do not only foster a sense of belonging but also elevate lifestyles.

Lifestyle hubs will rise amid lush, verdant landscapes.

Vista Land, for example, has an unrivaled presence spanning 147 towns and cities in 49 provinces. In these locations, you’ll find residential projects comprising distinct brands that cater to the different segments and preferences of the market, including Brittany Corp., Crown Asia, Vista Residences and Camella. Its commercial portfolio meanwhile include 45 strategically located malls, 7 business process outsourcing (BPO) offices, and 56 commercial centers–bringing the footprint of its commercial spaces to 1,610,375 sqm to date.

Complementing Vista Land’s developments are the unique retail, dining and service concepts under the AllValue Group, all meant to create an exceptional and rewarding living experience. Having supermarkets, restaurants, shops, spas, and family entertainment centers within arm’s reach has not only offered convenience, increased property values and ensured the livability of the communities, but has also helped fuel economic growth in these locales.

This is Villar’s lasting legacy—that of a visionary leader whose indomitable spirit, innovative approach, and strong sense of nationalism have redefined the concept of world-class urban development for Filipinos.

More cafes and unique dining concepts will rise within Villar City.

Enduring legacy

But he is not yet done. Far from it.

Despite all the milestones and his achievements, the dreamer in Villar prompted him to embark on his most ambitious project to date—what will certainly be an enduring legacy that will open up a new world of possibilities for many hardworking Filipinos.

“I like working, and I continue to dream. It’s a much abused word but I want our country to be truly world-class in every way. In my case for example, in real estate, I want to take it to the next level and provide Filipinos with the best that we can offer,” Villar shared.

Manuel B. Villar Jr.

“This is why I’m embarking on this legacy project, this landmark development. This will be a culmination of all the best practices, the valuable learnings, insights and expertise that we’ve gained from being in the business of real estate over the decades,” he added.

‘New center of gravity’

Spanning 3,500 hectares across 14 cities and towns in Metro Manila and portions of Cavite, “Villar City” is the newest landmark venture of Villar, who is eyeing to create a new center of growth and development.

Villar City is a thriving nexus where economic, lifestyle, cultural, and leisure activities will converge.

Aptly, Villar City is envisioned to become Metro Manila’s “new center of gravity”, a thriving nexus where economic, lifestyle, cultural, and leisure activities will converge. It will be a massive masterplanned integrated development—a pioneering “city within cities” that will be driven no less than Villar’s vision, and fueled by his passion.

“This multifaceted, multifunctional development will be in a class of its own. We’ve seen such communities abroad and we hope to have it also here, to be experienced by our fellow Filipinos. Villar City will serve as the central urban area that will have satellite centers or districts that, on their own, are already self-contained, self-sufficient neighborhoods,” Villar explained.

Villar City will be a multifaceted, multifunctional development that will be in a class of its own.

Of the 3,500 hectares, close to 900 hectares are already “activated” or developed by Vista Land, meaning these are already thriving communities. The remaining area of about 2,600 hectares will then serve as a blank canvas where Villar can bring to life his vision of what the modern cities of the future should be like.

The masterplanned Villar City will be composed of self-sustaining districts or urban centers such as a modern CBD, a Tech Valley, a University Town, among others.

For instance, districts such as a modern CBD, a Tech Valley, a university town, and a premier lifestyle hub will rise amid lush, verdant landscape of some 1 million trees and bright, colorful blooms within Villar City. Open spaces will abound along with leisure and recreational amenities that can help foster socialization and nurture everyone’s health and well-being.

“We have masterplanned Villar City in such a way that once the groundwork has been laid, our vision and dreams for this emerging urban area will be irreversible. But at the same time, we will ensure that there will be enough room for flexibility so we can cater to the market changes in the future,” Villar explained.

“It’s a massive project, it’s ambitious, and I know that the development of Villar City will extend beyond my lifetime but I believe this is my legacy and I’m willing to bet big on it. It’s my way of bringing the beauty and greatness of the world closer to more Filipinos,” Villar concluded.