Redefining real estate with OneVecino: Aboitiz Land elevates homebuyers’ experience

Innovation is transforming the real estate industry, driving success and growth by implementing technologies like digitization, data science, and AI.

Against this backdrop, developers are embracing innovation to create sustainable communities and meet the changing demands of buyers, fostering inclusive growth.

One prime example of innovative real estate in the Philippines is spearheaded by Aboitiz Land, a prominent real estate developer, which has embarked on a mission to lead more people home through their forward-thinking approach to technology and digital transformation.


What began as a contactless home buying service has now evolved into a transformative and holistic customer experience, aptly named Aboitiz Land OneVecino.

The Vecino App provides users with a mobile-friendly interface, allowing them to explore properties, reserve homes, access essential services such as checking construction progress, and book dates for virtual turnovers on-the-go.

Different online payment channels are enabled through Vecino Pay, while Vecino Support offers omnichannel after-sales support.

OneVecino combines the strengths of all these digital tools to build an ecosystem of digital services encompassing the whole homebuying journey from pre-purchase to property experience.

OneVecino’s new web app, Vecino Properties, completes the experience to improve the property management experience for homebuyers.

One of the standout features of Vecino Properties is its tenant request capability. Vecinos can effortlessly create and track work orders and service requests, keeping a close eye on the progress of each ticket. Vecinos can rest assured that their concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently, as property managers can also utilize the app feature to handle resident concerns.

The digital services offered by OneVecino can be accessed thru web browsers like Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Staying informed is one of the crucial aspects of community living and Vecino Properties caters to this need with its house rules, announcements and news section.

Homeowners can easily access and review house rules and regulations, ensuring that they are informed about their privileges and responsibilities as owners and community members. They can also view relevant documents, memos, and circulars to stay updated. Property managers, meanwhile, can roll news and announcements out real time.

Finally, managing finances is made effortless with the billings and collections feature of Vecino Properties.

“The Aboitiz Land OneVecino is an ecosystem of services that combines the power of our existing digital platforms, all harmoniously intertwined to offer an unparalleled user experience. As part of the Aboitiz group, we are actively integrating technology and innovation in our systems and processes to embrace our vision of becoming a techglomerate in the Philippines,” said David Rafael, president and CEO of Aboitiz Land.

The new name encapsulates the essence of unity, community, and personalized service that Aboitiz Land strives to provide to every customer, or “Vecino,” as they are affectionately known.

More exciting features will be rolled out in the future to ensure that residents and property managers have a seamless and holistic experience. This is part of Aboitiz Land’s continuous commitment to innovate ways and lead Filipinos home wherever they are in the world.

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