Presello partners with Bali-based property developers Balitecture, Balitecture Realty

In its quest to find prime international real estate opportunities for Filipinos, Digital real estate firm, Presello Reality Group, Inc., announces its maiden partnership with Balitecture and Balitecture Realty, the property developers behind some of the high-end property projects in the tropical island of Bali.

The exclusive partnership is seen to help Filipino property seekers find either a second home in the best locations in Bali or investment-grade international property to diversify their portfolio.

Marvin Sim, the vice president and co-founder of Presello, said the arrangement would grant the company access to some of the most stunning high-grade Balinese and Tulum-style villas in Bali for average hard-working Filipinos.

“Historically, overseas real estate investment was perceived as the reserve of the wealthy,” he said. “However, our perspective suggests that such investments are not merely luxury indulgences but rational choices owing to their high returns on investment. Investing abroad is not just for the ultra-rich anymore—It could be within reach for all of us soon.”

With the collaboration, Presello is responsible for marketing and selling properties while Balitecture caters to design and construction of properties as well as portfolio and villa management. “They are already successfully running a villa management business and will oversee the upkeep, guest transportation, and cleaning of your luxury villa. All our clients need to do is monitor the booking status online and watch their investment yield returns every day,” said Sim.

Villa prices in Bali vary depending on size and design. Regular villas currently start at Php 10 million and could yield around $130 per night. Given the high occupancy rate of regular villas annually at around 96%, this property could give investors a huge boost in cash flow. For the cream of the crop, ultra luxurious villas are also up for sale which are priced at P1 billion.

Investing in a slice of paradise

Also known of as the Land of Gods, Bali is a serene sanctuary home to verdant sceneries, surfing spots, and spiritual healing retreats, which is why it has been feted by several websites, travel magazines, and review portals as among the top travel destinations in the world.

But Bali’s villas also give a boost to its tourism being a major tourist attraction among visitors. “Many tourists alternate between villas every week or month during their long vacations to enjoy a change of scenery. The villas are specifically designed to replicate a dream vacation home, offering a more appealing alternative to hotels,” said Sim.

The primary tourists in Bali are from Europe and Australia, in which majority of them have generous budget allocation for villa stays. The weather in Bali also makes it an ideal investment location: less hot and humid than the Philippines, offering cooler days for tourists.

Interested buyers may contact Presello to know more about the ideal properties for investment and discuss the project details.

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