The Pods at LIMA: Aboitiz InfraCapital breaks ground on Batangas co-living space

The country’s industrial sector has proven to be resilient throughout the pandemic and continues to grow as more companies, both local and foreign, set up manufacturing operations along with the recovery of the economy.

With more locators setting up their operations in industrial zones, this also creates more employment opportunities for the country. As the number of Filipinos working in industrial zones grows, so does the need to cater to the residential requirements of these workers.

Responding to this need, the Aboitiz Group’s Aboitiz InfraCapital has broken ground its first co-living space in its 800-hectare Batangas industrial-anchored mixed-used development Lima Estate, as it aims to widen the property’s housing options.

The Pods at LIMA consists of a 600-bed facility interspersed with common areas, open spaces, a transport hub, as well as roof-mounted solar panels.

“The continuous expansion of the vast 800-hectare property will continue to bring about new job opportunities, contributing to the growth of the existing workforce of 66,000 individuals,” the company said.

“The growth will result in a need for housing, and LIMA Estate remains unwavering in its dedication to offering a wide range of housing options to meet the diverse requirements of its residents, particularly those employed by the numerous companies situated within the industrial and commercial areas of the Estate,” it added.

Construction of the co-living space is currently underway and is projected to be completed by the end of the year.

“We have always put a premium on creating thriving and self-sustaining communities that cater to the needs of various industries and businesses,” said Clifford Academia, LIMA Estate’s vice president for Operations.

“With The Pods at LIMA, we are pushing the boundaries of what could be done to help our locators within the Estate to ensure uninterrupted business operations and save transportation costs, as well as provide their employees with secure, comfortable, and sustainable housing,” he added.

Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates head and president of LIMA Land Rafael Fernandez de Mesa said that providing additional housing alternatives within the area will reduce the number of vehicular trips required to transport people in and out of the Estate.

“Alongside this initiative, we also recently launched a fleet of electric minibuses to operate the intra-LIMA shuttle system, further solidifying our commitment to sustainability,” he added.

The company said the next phase of The Pods at LIMA will include a facility with an additional 2,700 beds.

Construction of the second phase is scheduled to commence next year, with operations projected to begin in 2025.

“As we continue to grow and welcome new locators and businesses to LIMA Estate, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our current and prospective users, while raising the standard of development in the countryside. We will continue to prioritize sustainable and intelligent growth in all our operations in our effort to promote economic, social, and environmental progress in the Philippines,” Fernandez de Mesa said.