Jardin Hermosa adds allure to thriving community

It’s a beautiful addition to a flourishing community.

Hermosa, the 2.8-ha masterplanned condominium development of Crown Asia in Las Piñas, recently unveiled a garden masterpiece called “Jardin Hermosa”, which will provide residents their own patch of nature in the midst of a bustling city.

This 2,400 sqm nature expanse is the first thing that residents will see when they come home to Hermosa. Here, they’ll find a Maze Garden, a swing, a koi pond and a branch of Dear Joe, the country’s first letter-writing cafe.

Beauty in full bloom

Jardin Hermosa allows you to witness beauty in full bloom with its vibrant and luscious flowers.

Stroll along Jardin Hermosa—which means beautiful garden—and witness beauty in full bloom. Take in the refreshing scent and sight of the brightly colored flowers and lush greenery at the Maze Garden where you’ll find Red Mulberry, White Mulberry, Fukien ti, Conical maki, Bougainvillea, Carabao grass as well as imported and local trees such as Pink eucalyptus, Golden tree and Dwarf banana.

Get to relax in the beauty of Jardin Hermosa while sipping a cup from Hermosa’s friendly neighbor, Dear Joe.

You can readily relax at the mesmerizing sight of the koi fish playing in the pond as you take a sip of your freshly brewed hot coffee and enjoy the sumptuous pastries, all from your neighbor Dear Joe. The koi pond itself is a sight to behold with its verdant foliage comprising Iris lily, Costos, Horse tail and Date palm.

Indeed, just being here at Jardin Hermosa, in the midst of blooms and greens, will instantly relax you, lift your mood, and soothe your senses. It’s nature’s way of bringing your sense of balance back to its normal rhythms—something that residents of Hermosa can now enjoy to the fullest.

Hermosa’s newest addition, Jardin Hermosa, greets you with its beauty as you enter.

Redefining standards

Hermosa is by Crown Asia, the premium residential arm of Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. It continues to redefine known standards of urban living with its strategic location, unparalleled accessibility, well-appointed residences with smart features, and choice amenities, enabling its homeowners to revel in the exciting metropolitan lifestyle.

Stroll along Jardin Hermosa and take in the scent of fresh flowers and the beauty of the koi fishes.

As its name, Hermosa, suggests, this refreshing sanctuary is beautifully and tastefully done—a typical feature in every community created by Crown Asia, known for creating themed communities inspired by the most beautiful cities and sceneries in the world. It takes inspiration from contemporary Spanish Architecture, which is reflected in its structures and features—truly a project“where beauty speaks value.”

Six mid-rise buildings with over a thousand residential units comprise Hermosa, where you can also find refreshing, resort-inspired amenities, aimed at affording future residents with a holistic lifestyle. There’s a fitness gym, pool, jogging path and a complimentary bicycle access to help keep you fit and healthy. Open areas such as the Pet Park and the Sky Rose Garden Paradise will give you and your fur babies ample spaces to move about, while allowing you to get a dose of fresh air. More amenities will allow you to keep your life truly well-balanced.

It’s also worth noting that Hermosa is located about 5 minutes away from the rising 80-ha casino-resort complex called “Gold Coast Entertainment City”, which is being developed by the Villar Group’s Prime Asset Ventures Inc. (PAVI). Not only will this mean unparalleled access to an exciting development, it will also ensure continued appreciation of land values in your area. For more information visit www.crownasia.com.ph or call us at 8882 7696.