Aboitiz Land’s land your future campaign paves the way to Financial Prosperity

As the world enters a new era of economic stability and growth, investing in real estate has become an increasingly appealing option for individuals seeking long-term financial security and a solid foundation for their future

Aboitiz Land recognizes the tremendous potential that lies in land ownership and is excited to introduce its latest campaign: Land Your Future.

Toward this end, Aboitiz Land, in partnership with UnionBank, invites property investors to register for free at the Land your Future Investors’ Forum on June 9, 2023 with main speaker, RJ Ledesma: bit.ly/LYFInvestorsForum.

Investing in real estate offers a multitude of benefits. It provides a tangible asset that has the potential  to appreciate in value over time, offering attractive returns on investment.

Through this campaign, Aboitiz Land showcases not only the physical attributes of their properties but also the value they bring to investors. By strategically acquiring land in prime locations, Aboitiz Land ensures that their properties appreciate in value over time, offering attractive returns on investment. This makes it an ideal opportunity for those seeking long-term financial security or diversifying their investment portfolios.

Aboitiz Land invited RJ Ledesma, Consul of Monaco to the Philippines, multi-talented entrepreneur, author, to conduct a webinar on investments. Ledesma has won numerous awards, including the 2019 SME Company of the Year at Asia CEO Awards, the 2019 SME Company of the Year Awards, the 2019 SME Excellence in Innovation Philippine Winner at the Asean Business Awards, and the SME Winner in Business Model Innovation at the 2020 First Mansmith Innovation Awards. He will share his expertise and insights into Philippine investment opportunities.

Apart from the face-to-face event, a simultaneous event will also be hosted in Cebu at the Aboitiz Corporate Center from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. For Overseas Filipinos in search of great investment opportunities, the event will be broadcasted live online through the Aboitiz Land Facebook page.

Attendees will immerse themselves in a wealth of knowledge, cultivating dynamic conversations among like-minded individuals, all fueled by a shared passion for real estate investing.

Aboitiz Land property specialists will conduct one-on-one project presentations. Investors can seize the opportunity to delve deeper into their identified investment prospects. Armed with tailored advice and personalized recommendations, presenters will skillfully highlight the unique selling points of their offerings, addressing individual queries and risk appetites. Collaborative discussions between investors and property specialists will become the cornerstone for identifying the most promising investment opportunities.

Guests at the Investors’ Forum will get an exclusive wine-tasting invite starting 6:00 to 8:00 pm to cap the event. Amidst an elegant ambiance, investors and industry leaders will engage in meaningful conversations, sharing investment strategies and success stories. The event will prove instrumental in fostering long-lasting partnerships and a sense of camaraderie among the elite participants.