Bureau Veritas Assurance Quality acquires Qualibet

Bureau Veritas Assurance Quality (BVAQ) has acquired Qualibet Testing Services Corp., a local company in the field of quality assurance and testing.

The move further boosts testing capabilities in the country — whether it’s for property, water, pharmaceuticals or other products.

Century Properties executive chairman Jose Antonio attests to the testing capability of Qualibet.

“Partnering with Qualibet has brought us and our residences great satisfaction and peace of mind,” Antonio said.

Qualibet specializes in chemical and microbiology testing of food, water, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

BVAQ, on the other hand, is a French-owned company and a major player in the global testing and certification industry. The corporation has made a name for itself as a world leader in quality testing.

Chemist Pinky Pe Tobiano, who is now part of the board of directors of Qualibet-BVAQ

Pinky Pe Tobiano, who is now part of the board of directors of Qualibet-BVAQ expressed confidence that BVAQ will continue Qualibet’s advocacy of delivering accurate results.

“Qualibet has a proven track record of ensuring consumers that the food and water they consume are safe through laboratory testing. Through the alliance, I look forward to BVAQ continuing and even leveling up what Qualibet has started in the past years,” she said in a recent press briefing.

The acquisition will open opportunities for Qualibet and will also raise the quality of the testing process given BVAQ’s infrastructure and its plan to invest in modern and sophisticated laboratory equipment that will test more samples in all of its branches worldwide.

“This is not just a landmark achievement for our company, but also a milestone for Filipino chemists as we have now broken ground in the global playing field of science, analysis, validation, and certification,” said Tobiano, who is also a chemist.

“We now have a chance of not only bringing about good changes in our country but also to the rest of the world,” she added.

Qualibet has been providing accurate and reliable results to a diverse range of clients, including government bodies, large companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), by analyzing their water, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food products for their registration in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so they can market their products commercially with a seal of safety.

“Qualibet-BVAQ helps SMEs in regulatory compliance in FDA and DOH (Department of Health) through their Certificate of Analysis. Since we are already part of a global conglomerate, our Certificate of Analysis is recognized by food exporters,” Tobiano said.

“We want to be an advocate in improving our environment and we can do this by helping government bodies, businesses, whether large corporations or small and mid-range sizes, to thrive,” she also said.

She also believes that the direction of quality testing and certification in the coming years will emphasize more on quality control, error reduction, eliminating redundant testing, and addressing the challenges of global compliance as new products continue to flood the market at an unprecedented pace.

Peter Mar, operations manager of Monde M. Y. San Corp. likewise attests to Qualibet’s track record.

“We know Pinky Tobiano and her passion for excellence, because of Qualibet’s reliable analyses, we were able to make prompt and informed decisions business-wise.”