Sta. Lucia Land delivers world class fairways

Golf has been known to many primarily as a gentleman’s game. But the last three years have offered a whole new perspective on golf. 

Today, golf has also become a fun family activity amid a newfound appreciation for the game as a way to spend quality time with loved ones.  As golf was the first sport to be allowed to resume during the pandemic, many have taken a sudden interest in it, eager to practice their swings and achieve that perfect drive. 

“As the first sport allowed during the pandemic, golf has emerged as a favored form of recreation for many over the past three years. While golf has long been known as an avenue for one to destress, or at times, close business deals, the pandemic has given it a new meaning as it has also become a family bonding activity,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles. 

“Today, you would see more parents bringing their children to driving ranges and well-manicured fairways for a round of golf. Even in our own projects, we have also seen a different kind of enthusiasm from our members. Now you would see them regularly play with their kids and other family members,” Robles said.

Sta. Lucia Land is one of the country’s pioneering and leading developers of world-class golf courses, which have since served as a venue for prestigious international tournaments. Its impressively built fairways, designed by globally renowned golf experts, have long served as an extension of many boardrooms where businesses are discussed and deals are closed. 

“The game has changed as golf enthusiasts now come from various age groups. You now see kids developing love for the sport as well as retirees eagerly engaging in the game as a form of exercise and recreation. More are now coming in with their whole family in tow to play a round of golf,” said Sta. Lucia Land chairman Vicente Santos. 

So if you’re looking to discover or re-discover golf, here are some exceptionally masterplanned Sta. Lucia communities that also come with well-designed, world class courses, to challenge your newfound skills. 

Pinewoods Golf and Country Club 

Located in the country’s summer capital, Baguio City, Pinewoods Golf and Country Club, the only Par 72 course this side of the Mountain Province, offers both a challenging and fun course set against a backdrop of hills surrounding the outskirts of the city as well as a view of the Bay of La Union. 

Pinewoods Golf and Country Club, the only Par 72 course this side of the Mountain Province, offers both a challenging and fun course.

With a compact clubhouse that operates a now well-known restaurant for locals and visitors alike, Pinewoods is a perfect go to place for those who want a whiff of the cool mountain fresh air while enjoying the famous kare-kare, crispy sinigang and in demand sans rival. Fair warning though, the regular fog may sometimes join you during your game and meals. 

At the same time, as part of the Sta. Lucia-developed golf courses, members of affiliated clubs can enjoy a discount on green fees to make their trip to Baguio worthwhile. 

Beverly Place Golf Club 

With its proximity to Metro-Manila and areas down South, thanks to the Skyway extension, Beverly Place Golf and Country Club, has become a popular golf destination. 

Beverly Place offers a friendly course with Pampanga’s Mt. Arayat in the background. 

Beverly Place – features a well-manicured 18-hole championship golf course.

The Club also was the first to offer the Women’s Golf Day wherein female golfers get a complimentary green fee every Friday. 

And of course, the Club’s restaurant offers Pampanga’s famous delicacies like sisig, tocino, longganiza and much more. 

If one fancies other sports activities, just two minutes away, the Country Club offers covered basketball, volleyball and badminton court, swimming pool and venue for parties and events. 

South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates  

Strategically situated in the pristine town of Catalunan Pequeño in Davao City, South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates boasts an 18-hole golf course with the majestic Mt. Apo as its backdrop. The cool weather and scenic views serve as a perfect antidote to the complexities of the city. 

South Pacific Golf and Leisure Estates boasts of an 18-hole golf course.

A picturesque community in Davao, South Pacific brings another first to the region as it successfully offers the exciting sport of golf, spectacular views, and the relaxed country club atmosphere in one glorious getaway.