The inspiring boss, Rosemarie Bosch-Ong


Rosemarie Bosch-Ong, senior executive vice president and COO at Wilcon Builder’s Depot, believes that women leaders must advocate for policies that support work-life balance; the creation of an inclusive, diverse, and supportive work culture; and the implementation of equal pay and equal opportunities for advancement. She says that female leaders must be “committed to creating positive change in society and must use their power and influence for philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, or advocacy for social justice issues.”

As she has established a name for herself in the property sector through years of hard work and excellent leadership, Bosch-Ong understands that women bring unique advantages to the industry: (1) a unique perspective; (2) strong communication skills; (3) a focus on teamwork and collaboration; (4) diversity of ideas; and (5) the potential to inspire future generations of women in the industry.

For her, being a woman in this sector does not guarantee automatic success. Instead, a female leader needs strength, resilience, and determination to be able to face and surmount unique challenges such as gender bias, discrimination, and unequal pay. “It’s a challenging but rewarding experience that requires a strong sense of purpose, commitment to gender equality, and dedication to making a positive impact on society,” she says.

“As a leader, I strive to surround myself with knowledgeable and experienced individuals who help me grow,” she reveals. Because through them, she was able to gain valuable leadership experiences and opportunities that she, in turn, uses to inspire and empower other women to aim for excellence in everything they do.

It’s an exciting time to be a Filipina because now, according to Bosch-Ong, Filipinas enjoy the freedom to pursue their dreams and passions. And they are doing so well in various fields like business, politics, sports, and the arts. She is thrilled that Filipinas are breaking barriers and making their mark in society. “Women are no longer limited to traditional gender roles; they are taking on leadership roles and contributing to the betterment of their communities and the country as a whole,” she observes. Indeed, we see that many Filipinas are respected for their opinions and achievements, and their talents and contributions are recognized and celebrated the world over.

“For me, celebrating womanhood means supporting and empowering other women in all aspects of life, it means being an advocate for women-led initiatives and organizations that pave the way for their success,” she shares. “It also involves taking care of ourselves and others because when we prioritize our physical, mental, and emotional health, then we can continue to inspire and uplift others. So let us teach young girls the importance of self-care and self-love, and empower them to pursue their dreams and passions,” Bosch-Ong adds.

In performing her responsibilities as the COO of Wilcon Depot, as a church and community leader, a mother, and as a daughter, Rosemarie Bosch-Ong makes it a point to be grateful. “It’s important to appreciate and thank those who supported us in our journey, those who believed in us, encouraged us, and helped us to succeed.”