Sustainability, green living and biophilia

According to the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”

As an architect, I am deeply interested in how design can espouse the dynamic between man and nature through biophilia, which means, love of nature.

Biophilia is also an approach to design that integrates nature into building spaces, contributing to the health and well-being of residents. 

In my company Italpinas Development Corp (IDC), we have always emphasized architectural design as an important vehicle for sustainability and green living.  In addition to these tenets, we are also inspired by biophilia in our projects.

Natural light, natural vegetation

This includes emphasis on natural light and natural ventilation in and around the units. Natural vegetation has a profound effect on wellbeing, as it taps into the close relationship between human beings and natural elements such as trees, flowers, rivers and fauna. Furthermore, the presence of green spaces, even compact ones, helps us in mitigating the impact of climate change, in addition to providing a tranquil environment. 


Green spaces

Horizontal developments, like residential villages, should include green spaces and trees in their masterplanning. Trees produce oxygen that is vital to our health. In all contexts, whether urban, suburban, or rural, trees provide shade without compromising ventilation, which guards against the heat of the sun.

MIRAMONTI GREEN RESIDENCES (Phase 1) Sto Tomas, Batangas

Healthy environment

IDC emphasizes the importance of creating a pleasant, relaxing, and healthy environment for owners and end-users. As an advocate of not only green architecture, but also health and wellbeing, we look forward to continuing integration of biophilia in our work.  There is no substitute to the thoughtful and diligent work of professional designers, in order to deliver innovative and high-performing architecture without increasing costs, so that buyers gain not only a world-class product, but also value for money.

Investing in design

At the end of the day, buyers of real estate should see themselves as investing in design, not just location and physical structures.  Design is a permanent statement about ideals for the future, including the choice for better lifestyles, more comfort, and lighter environmental impact. As an architect, it is a great satisfaction to me when our work protects not only the environment, but the wellbeing of individual buyers and end-users as well.

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