Buy or sell your next property with Presello

In buying or selling a property, it’s always best to seek the help of the experts.

Presello is one such expert. Founded in 2016, it is a leading digital marketing specialist in the real estate industry that is handling both residential and commercial real estate.

It is the first fully digital real estate company and the only real estate brokerage with a TV show on One News.

In a recent interview with Property Report PH, Roy Pascual, a junior partner at Presello, said the company was founded by top real estate agents.

Today, the company is helping sellers sell their property or buyers find their perfect dream home.

As a marketing specialist, Presello offers a wide range of services including helping clients sell their properties through their website,, which is very easy to navigate. They provide virtual house tours for clients who want to sell their property.

Presello House Tour videos can increase home sales by up to 20 percent while a property with a house tour video receives 403 percent more inquiries, data from the company showed.

Presello, which has over two million followers on social media, is the top brand in digital real estate brokerage.

It had over 600 million impressions on Digital Impressions in 2022 from its social media pages and 150 million digitally reached followers last year.

“Another innovation is that we made listing on our website very easy,” Pascual said.

Pascual said the real estate market in the Philippines remains strong but demand has shifted to single detached homes and townhomes.

“The market is still very healthy,” Pascual said.

This year, Pascual said the company looks forward to helping more clients including those outside Metro Manila.

In all, he is optimistic of things to come with the real estate industry regaining its strength and recovering and as more and more customers appreciate the convenience that digital has to offer.

“Digital real estate brokerage firms are gaining ground. People are after efficiency and convenience,” Pascual said.

In Presello’s case, they are able to help both buyers and sellers with just a few clicks. “At Presello, our mission is to move the culture and make a difference in our industry by providing high-quality and professional services to our exclusive luxury clients,” the company said.