RLC earns second EDGE certification

RL Commercial REIT (RCR), the real estate investment trust sponsored by Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC), has earned its second EDGE certification, this time for its office tower Cyberscape Beta.

The certificate for Cyberscape Gamma was awarded by the Philippine Green Building Initiative Inc. (PBGI) after an assessment of its audit report which showed how the building design allows it to conserve energy and water.

EDGE or Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies is an international green building certification system that focuses purely on energy, water, and embodied energy in materials for a quantitative approach to sustainability.

Cyberscape Beta, located along Ruby and Topaz Roads in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, is RL Commercial REIT’s second EDGE-certified building.

An innovation of the World Bank’s International Finance Corp., EDGE was created to respond to the need for a measurable and credible solution to prove the business case for building green and to unlock financial investment.

“Philippine Green Building Initiative Inc. congratulates RL Commercial REIT  Inc. upon achieving final EDGE certification for Robinsons Cyberscape Beta in Pasig City, Philippines,” said engineer Leandro Conti, PBGI chairman and president.

“Our assessment confirms the auditor’s report that Robinsons Cyberscape Beta’s resource-efficient design will result in reductions of 34 percent in energy, 36 percent in water, and 83 percent in materials’ embodied energy compared to a local base case,” he said.

Cyberscape Beta’s resource-efficient design will result in reductions of 34% in energy, 36% in water, and 83% in materials’ embodied energy compared to a local base case.

RCR president Jericho Go thanked PBGI for the latest EDGE certification and pointed out that “this is another milestone in our commitment to find the most efficient way to build and operate our office towers.”

“It is also a testament to RCR’s dedication to sustainability and developing green-buildings. The company and its tenants are firmly resolved to contribute significantly in the conservation of precious resources while enjoying cost savings from the reduced consumption of energy and water through the use of more efficient facilities and materials,” he added.

Resource-efficient design: Cyberscape Beta uses high-performance glass and window glazing.

Cyberscape Beta is able to save 34 percent  on energy consumption through the use of high-performance glass and window glazing which lets in light but blocks heat; a fresh air pre-conditioning system; efficient interior and exterior lighting; power correction factor; as well as the re-use of existing materials for its walls, roof, and floors.

It also installed water-saving devices such as more efficient faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as water-efficient bidets and urinals in the toilets.

“We hope that RL Commercial REIT Inc. will commit to EDGE for all of its office properties in the future. As you are aware, by choosing innovation you have leveraged your own brand of corporate excellence and environmental responsibility, while at the same time ensuring that future tenants benefit from utility savings,” said Conti.

Jericho Go, president and CEO for RL Commercial REIT Inc

As an internationally-recognized green building certification system, EDGE can be deployed to fulfill the requirements of prominent global standards.

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) includes EDGE as a qualifying certification system for improved scoring for the GRESB Real Estate Assessment and the GRESB Developer Assessment.

GRESB is the global standard for ESG benchmarking and is used by investors to obtain data on the ESG performance of real assets.

The International Capital Markets Association recognizes EDGE as a qualifying certification system in its green bond principles, which are a set of guidelines recommended for issuing a green bond.

The Climate Bonds Initiative includes EDGE as a qualifying certification system to achieve the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme.

EDGE certification fulfills both residential and commercial requirements for the allocation of proceeds from green bonds.