A Nature and Lifestyle District is emerging in Bicolandia

Introducing Santerra by Vista Estates

Aside from facing the customary challenges of disease and aging, the world has begun to change rapidly, at a rate that many are unable to fathom, much less cope with. This is perhaps one of the reasons why “wellness” has become a universal buzzword and a big business trend in both the healthcare and hospitality industries. The real estate industry has joined the bandwagon, with wellness and retirement villages developing across the globe. Not to put a purely financial spin on what may be one of the biggest movements in humankind’s future, the wellness industry is more often than not, entirely well meaning. Via a number of proven methodologies—from the traditional to the esoteric—wellness is, in essence, an attempt to bring back a sense of balance and calm into many unhinged lives in a chaotic world.

While many believe wellness deals largely with mental and physical well-being, the philosophy has evolved into a holistic point of view. Today, it embraces emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational dimensions—with the end goal of enhancing the individual’s total quality of life. In line with the vision of improving lives and enriching the tomorrows of Filipino families, Vista Estates has chosen to build the very first nature and lifestyle estate in the country, in the beating heart of Bicolandia—Naga City.

Designed with green living in mind, Santerra Residences will be the first vertical residential enclave to rise within Santerra.

Ciudad Nin Naga: An Maogmang Lugar

Bannering itself as “the gateway to excitement and adventure in the Bicol Region,” Naga City is best known as “the happy place,” as aside from the beauty of the land, the wealth of available adventures, and the comforting albeit often spicy food, Nagueños are said to be perennially smiling as well as welcoming and generous people. Interestingly, Naga City possibly has more nicknames than any other Philippine city. It is everything from “The Pilgrim City of Naga,” “The Heart of Bicol,” “Queen City of Bicol,” and even, “One of the Seven Golden Cities of the Sun” as dubbed by Nick Joaquin himself. Beyond these, it has also earned for itself a number of impressive accolades. It is named one of the “Most Business-Friendly Cities in Asia,” one of the “Philippines’s Top 10 Cities,” and 2022’s “Most Competitive Component City in the Philippines.”

Santerra will also become the setting for a world-class civic center where people can converge, and forge links and partnerships.

Every commendation heaped on the dynamic and happy city is well deserved. Naga City, aside from being Camarines Sur’s largest city, is also the Bicol Region’s business, trade, commercial, educational, financial, medical, cultural, and religious center; as well as the premier tourist service center for Region V. Serendipitously, it is also where Santerra by Vista Estates is rising as both a nature and lifestyle city. It is the very first and only one of its kind in the entire country.

Santerra… right in the heart of everything

Santerra by Vista Estates is strategically located in the middle of Naga City, which itself is in the center of its province of Camarines Sur.  Sitting at the southeastern portion of Luzon, approximately 435 kilometers from Metro Manila, Naga City is connected to the country’s capital via the Maharlika and Andaya Highways. Situated at the “Heart of Bicol,” it is also the hub for goods from both Manila and the Visayas.

Rising within this nature’s haven are three well-planned and thoughtfully designed vertical residences ranging between seven to 12-storeys high.

Santerra is conveniently perched between uptown and downtown Naga. To its left is downtown Naga, which contains the city’s CBDs. To its right is uptown Naga that abounds in nature-inspired attractions such as hot springs, waterfalls, and Mt. Isarog Natural Park––a nationally declared protected area.

Here living, working, and playing always nurture well-being

Dedicated largely to nature and designed to foster holistic wellness, Santerra is named from conjoining the Latin words “sani” for health and “terra” for earth. “Terra” is actually the Roman goddess of the earth. Thus, in tribute to the goddess and Vista Estates’ dream to elevate the lives of its residents, the 64-hectare development is being blueprinted as a nature reserve within which residences—both vertical and horizontal––commercial hubs, and business centers will nestle.

Santerra embraces emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational dimensions that will enhance the individual’s total quality of life.

Anchored on wellness, and the richness of the tropical flora Bicolandia has long been loved for, Santerra will be an urban respite where city living perfectly melds with nature’s abundance—allowing one to live a more zen and serene lifestyle.

The green metropolis will dedicate areas as plant sanctuaries, and has been master planned to respond to the many aspects of wellness. Physical wellness will be nourished by places for exercise and sports; as well as groceries, restaurants, and shops that will offer healthier and eco-friendly choices. Sustainable building and better air quality will further help strengthen the body.  The estate has close proximity to the region’s top educational institutions and will answer the needs for mental wellness. One’s emotional and social wellness will be nurtured by a feeling of community that will foster family values and neighborly bonding. A church within the metropolis will feed the spiritual wellness needs of the residents. Beyond all this, Santerra will be a place where the land is held sacred. In response to today’s much-needed environmental wellness, there will be materials recovery facilities around the estate, as well as recycling, segregation, and carbon emission reduction programs.

Santerra will be the place where one can enrich one’s overall well-being surrounded by nature’s best.

An investment into a better way of living

Vista Land is investing into these master planned developments, making good on its promise to its homebuyers and investors to continue to create superior offerings, and more importantly, deliver excellent long-term investment growth.

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