Making a future-ready, innovative company

More and more companies today recognize the importance of transforming and redefining their business strategies to thrive in times of crisis and disruption.

It is critical for companies to be resilient and adaptive to be able to survive and succeed. With the right mindset and intentional approach, every business can propel forward, regardless of the economic situation.

In the retail home construction industry, Wilcon Depot recognizes that it is the perfect time to become more aggressive and transformative in fulfilling its plans. To prepare for the market pivot, Wilcon Depot recently conducted its four-day annual Sales Kickoff Conference. This inclusive seminar aimed to continuously train and equip its leaders to deliver a more impressive and personalized customer shopping experience.

Leadership and innovation

The conference’s theme, “Wilcon Future Ready: Fortifying Leadership and Embracing Innovation,” signifies Wilcon’s commitment to become a future-ready and innovative company. As the keynote speaker for the conference, I emphasized the importance of leadership and innovation in digital transformation.

Effective leadership starts with self-leadership, which involves knowing our strengths and weaknesses, reflecting on what matters most to us, and defining our goals.

I also shared the B.A.S.K.E.T. strategy, which is an effective way for leaders to lead others. Being open to ideas, Asking for feedback, Setting a positive environment, Keeping a strong connection to the team, Engaging in honest communication, and Teaching instead of giving orders are all essential components of effective leadership.

To become a future-ready market leader, Wilcon recognized the importance of being customer- and technology-centric. Innovation is critical to Wilcon’s success, and it is a must-have factor that sets the company apart from its competitors. Successful companies are those that embrace innovation fearlessly and continuously improve and develop.

In strengthening our workforce’s leadership identity and performance, Wilcon invited several guest speakers to share valuable, engaging, and transformative learnings about leadership and innovation.

We were honored to hear from industry leaders such as Kyani Phils country head Kate Bellosillo; Angkas CEO George Royeca; WomenBiz president and founder Monette Ituralde Hamlin; Shoppertainment chief strategy officer and co-founder Neri Soyao; Mansmith and Fielders CEO and chief behavioral strategist Chiqui Go; and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) undersecretary for E-Government and CEO of Multisys Technologies Corp. David Almirol, Jr.

As Wilcon keeps pace with industry trends, it seeks to learn, grow, and transform progressively. By embracing innovation and fortifying its leadership, Wilcon is well-positioned to become a future-ready and innovative company.