Coming home to Amiya Raya: A fulfillment of a promise

The first time 34-year-old Michael Gargarita saw Amiya Raya, he instantly fell in love with the place, so much so that he purchased his Ramya unit the day after. He describes his first impressions of Amiya Raya as a home away from the city that is in fact near the city.

The transaction may have been quick, but really, this feat of owning a home at Amiya Raya was a result of years of hard work. Michael is currently a regional operations manager for Procter and Gamble and has been with the company for seven years, following his previous stints.

This is a fulfillment of a promise. That’s why I purchased it actually. When I was younger, we weren’t really born with a silver spoon. I promised my mom that one day, I would be really providing or purchasing a house for her. And then, it did happen. So, it’s really a fulfillment of a promise,” Michael narrates.

Michael Gargarita in his new house in Amiya

I really wanted to have a place that would be able to provide some relaxation and ambiance for my mom at her age, he added.

For Michael, Ramya, his chosen unit, utilizes space well and has a big outdoor area for a garden. During his house blessing, he was able to make the most of the garden as well as its surrounding area, inviting a total of 150 guests for his house blessing.

Getting the unit semi-furnished gave him the liberty to design its details and make it his own.

“I always believe that a house always has its own unique feature or character that showcases the personality of its homeowner. My motif was more on black and gold for the living room, white and gold for the kitchen area, and more of wood type upstairs.”

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the happy homeowner describes his home “healthy mind setup”, something really close to nature and is conducive for work-from-home arrangements.

Living an active lifestyle, he describes Amiya Raya as a place that allows him #LiveItUp.

“First is the view and I really think we have good amenities. Even if it’s a home away from the city, it still has amenities that can support that kind of active lifestyle that you want, playing badminton, going to the gym, doing a lap via the deep pool.

“I did recommend Amiya Raya to some friends,” he shares.