Love starts at home: Here’s how you can practice self-love in your humble abode

It’s the love month but some might feel extra gloomy around this time of the year especially if they are going through a break-up or just have no luck finding the right person.

But before you scroll through that dating app, check first if you have provided some good loving to yourself.

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” drag icon RuPaul likes to say on his hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Let’s all keep this in mind during this love month.

Take this time to celebrate yourself, and how you love yourself even without the presence of a significant other.

And if your form of self-love is just staying at home, that’s great too. Here are some ideas on how you can practice self-love in your humble abode:

Deep breaths, deep breaths

Waking up to negative thoughts and self-doubt can be quite a bummer. Those intrusive thoughts can make us feel like we are not worthy of love. When the negativity starts kicking in your brain, always remember to stop, rest, and breathe.

According to the official website of Yoga International, practicing meditation allows us to have permission to be vulnerable, be real, and, most especially, reconnect with the heart, making us remember how worthy we are of love.

Start off your day with meditation, which helps you build a strong connection with yourself.

Start your day with meditation. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. And continue doing so until you feel a sensation of warmth and relaxation in your entire body.

Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and learn something new about yourself, especially when it comes to your physical and emotional needs. Moreover, it allows you to build a strong connection with yourself, making it a beautiful form of self-love.

Clean every corner

Cleaning and organizing your own space can be one of the biggest forms of self-love you can give yourself this love month and beyond.

Being in a messy room can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. Seeing such chaos and disorder around you can make you feel sad, unproductive, and lazy.

In a study conducted by global manufacturer Clorox, it is said that cleaning has an impact on emotions and most people are more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive in a clean space.

Feel good about yourself by organizing the things in your closet.

A form of self-love and self-care is allowing yourself to feel at peace, to be more focused, and to feel relaxed.

Having the initiative to dust away the dirt around your home, organize the clothes in that messy closet, and keep every room in the house spick and span can help you put your mind at ease, as well as allow you to do what you want to do.

You can start by taking out everything in the space you want to organize, may it be a cabinet, a fridge, or your closet, and begin organizing it in colors, sizes, or whatever to your liking. You can also pick up the broom and mop to keep the floors shining and neat.

Keeping your space as neat as a new pin can go a long way in making you feel good and accomplished about yourself.

Familiar decorations

After cleaning your abode, you can start pulling out the decorations to make your home pop out and showcase your personality.

Seeing things you love in your own personal space can make you smile and remind you of the things and experiences worth loving.

Around your home, you can put pictures of memorable moments with your loved ones, posters of your favorite films or television shows, or even beautiful artwork that represents jaw-dropping sceneries that can make everyone’s eyes sparkle with delight.

Whenever you are stressed about something, just take a look at that picture of simpler times with family and friends or that poster of your favorite film and recall that beautiful scene that made you smile while watching it for the first time.

Not only are you treating yourself to a wonderful home, but you are also creating an environment where you can show and become the best version of yourself.

Learn something new

Another great way to love yourself is by way of self-improvement.

Open that laptop and look for free tutorials online for new hobbies that can benefit you in the long run. Learning a new hobby is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and utilize it as a skill for something you can do in the future.

Sewing is one of many hobbies you can learn at home.

Want to make your own clothes? Look for a video showing the basics of sewing. Have dreams of publishing your own novel? Find articles on how to start writing. Want to start taking baby steps into a good workout routine? Why not take a dance class?

Bring out the popcorn

When nighttime falls, it’s time to reward yourself by opening the television or laptop, grabbing your favorite snack and beverage of choice, and playing one of your go-to movies.

Cap off the day with a movie night by yourself.

I believe comedy films are the perfect genre for people who want to practice self-love. Two hours of laughter can help you feel great about yourself and reduce your level of stress.

Capping the tiring yet productive night with a good, hysterical film can also help you laugh the night away and trigger endorphins, otherwise known as “happy hormones.”

Right in your very own home, there are indeed many ways to celebrate and honor everything you love about yourself.