Eyes on real estate: Great Potential for the Economy and Emerging Cities this 2023

The Philippine economy is ready for a rebound after experiencing rough sailing in the past two and a half years and absorbing severe blows brought by the pandemic.

To give the economic recovery a stronger push, the administration of President Marcos is pulling all the stops to attract more foreign investments in the country.

I also want to commend the government’s efforts in making the country more investor-friendly by easing up the processes for business organizations that want to invest in the country.

The local real estate industry is also gearing for a recovery based on the analyses of the major property management companies in the country.

Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro

If you are serious in investing in real estate, I suggest you take a closer look at emerging cities such as Bacolod, Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro because they are the most profitable as their prices are much lower compared to their more developed counterparts. This will give you higher margins that would make your investment worthwhile.


Before going into full swing in investing in real estate, I want to remind our readers the importance of checking the basic fundamentals such as demographics, economy of the market in the place and the infrastructure development surrounding the project you are interested in investing into.

Cagayan De Oro

Other industries

I would also like to emphasize that it’s not only the real estate industry that would experience substantial growth. I also see great opportunities in tourism, agriculture, business processing management and other industries. On top of that, I believe tourism  will be a star performer in the Philippine economy.

For me, the Philippines’ real estate industry is one of the best places to invest in because of the high  demand for housing in different markets, affordability for investors and competitive pricing compared to its counterparts in Southeast Asia.

In particular, I believe there is great potential in investing in emerging cities because it offers huge potential, less competition, and gives higher potential of increasing real estate values in the year to come.

I believe that only a few countries in the world have the same characteristics as that of the Philippines such as a young population, expanding gross domestic product (GDP), competent English speaking population and a strategic location in the center of Southeast Asia. 

I believe the Philippines has all the prerequisites for a period of remarkable growth in its economy. Let us all do our part in bringing forth a golden age of growth for this country.

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