Heart Evangelista on what makes her think of home and beautiful memories

“Candles remind me of home and beautiful memories,” says Heart Evangelista. “I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. Plus, we all know that a candle also means light and hope.”

There’s a study that says scents activate part of your brain that makes you remember memory, Heart says.

Thus, when she travels, she brings candles that remind her of home and the precious memories that go with it.

Heart, the global fashion icon and sought-after influencer, speaks now as a brand ambassador for multi-awarded condominium developer RLC Residences. She renewed her contract with RLC in October 2022.

“It’s a fruitful partnership from the very start and it feels natural to keep collaborating with RLC Residences—I’m thrilled with what’s in store for me and RLC Residences!” says the globe-trotting celebrity.

According to RLC Residences Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario, Heart has been the perfect ambassador for RLC Residences since the partnership started in 2020. “More than that, she is a member of our family who embodies the same values that we do as we continue to Raise, Live, and Connect.”

RLC Residences is a brand that Heart trusts because, yes, she is an RLC Residences homeowner herself.

“I’ve witnessed how they work on putting customers and residents at the center of everything they do,” she shares.

Love Marie Designs

Heart has been very excited to keep working with RLC Residences. Coming from the first collaborative design project wherein she designed her very own RLC Residences unit, Heart collaborated once more with RLC Residences to create the Love Marie Designs with RLC Residences Aromatherapy Candle Kit.

Heart Evangelista shows off the Love Marie Designs aromatherapy candles made in collaboration with RLC Residences

It contains scented candles, including the RLC Residences fragrance and the special Love Marie candle, which Heart helped create herself.

“It’s a good way to welcome home the new residents and relay the feeling of hope after everything we’ve been through,” she says.

“Wherever you are, you will still feel at home with RLC Residences through these candles.”

The aromatherapy candles are the perfect gift for new RLC Residences residents as they move into their new homes.

Home journey

Aside from this, Heart also introduced the new RLC Residences Brand Story video to the public.

Featuring the stories of the developer’s customers and their home journey, the video narrates how RLC Residences’ Raise, Live and Connect brand proposition is inspired by their customers’ home needs.

(From left) RLC Residences Head of Business Development Unit Ma. Czarina Theresa Lugue, Head of Business Development and Design department Stephanie Anne Go, Heart Evangelista, Winnie Go, RLC Residences Senior Vice President and Business Unit General Manager Chad Sotelo, RLC Residences Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario, and RLC Residences VP and Head of Sales Allen Miranda

“I’m honored that I was given the opportunity to introduce the RLC Residences Brand Story video to everybody and I hope this can inspire those who are in search of their dream home,” says Heart.

In all, Heart says that wherever a person may be, he or she will still feel at home with RLC Residences through these candles.

“I hope they’ll love it as much as I do,” Heart shares.

The special Love Marie Designs with RLC Residences aromatherapy candle kit has three scents—the RLC Residences fragrance, the Holiday Sparkle in time for Christmas, and the Love Marie candle.

* * *

For more information about RLC Residences promotions and future collaborations with Heart Evangelista, check out the brand’s official website at rlcresidences.com or its Facebook page and Instagram