Frost and Mint Sparkle in Camella’s Christmas Wonderlands

Camella has always taken the holidays deeply to heart.  It is the one time of the year that just about everyone looks forward to. It is the most delightful way to end the year, and the most enchanting way to welcome the new one. Christmas also calls one home. Wherever in the world one has journeyed to, we all dream of home––at Christmas.

As a company––and one of the country’s preferred real estate brands––Camella has long felt that it is a large part of their responsibility to their residents and visitors alike, to make sure the spirit of Yuletide, and the awe surrounding this holiday, are unmistakably present and felt in all their developments. Each Christmas, Camella communities are enveloped in carols playing and carolers dropping by, the scent of pine trees filling the December breeze, the fragrance of bibingka baking in the malls and parks, laughter spilling out of function halls, and of course, captivating lights and decors as far as the eye can see. The Yuletide is always a highlight of the year for Camella, largely because––aside from the joy that Christmas carries––it is the time for family, and the time when home becomes the most important place in the world.

Camella Bogo

It is Camella’s dream to make every community a wonderland for the holidays, and this year, the “wonder” is even more dazzling as the brand lures one’s attention to the significance of family and home by blanketing its communities with holidays of “Frost and Mint!”

Gardens of Green and White Refresh and Delight

It is sheer vitality that greet every Camella resident and guest this Christmas. Red and gold may be the holiday’s traditional colors, but this year, invigorating and enlightening decor rules. “Mint” is captured in the green of the holidays —the color of youth and energy, ––with a nod to sustainability. It recreates, in both the eye and the heart, a vision of pine trees swaying with the cool December winds as their scent wafts into every home. Emerald wreaths strung on doors, festooned with lights and ribbons of every color. One can also imagine Santa’s little elves packing toys for excited little children––who worked hard to be nice this year.

Camella Tarlac

“Frost” summons the freshness and purity of white––icicles that tinkle as they hang on branches of Christmas trees and lend a sparkle to garlands that crown stairways. A white Christmas is what one “is dreaming of” ––as that favorite carol declares. It is also the imitation snow that bedazzles our window sills taking us to lands far away where the winds bring the cold and snowflakes land on winter coats. It is the smiling faces waving from ice-capped mountains, and heartwarming messages on postcards sent by loved ones far away. White is the light haloing angels that sing in our dreams, celebrating their perfect joy on the first silent night.

“Frost and Mint” echo what Christmas feels like to most. It celebrates dreams and anticipation nourished by care and compassion, and, utter love for family and friends.

Celebrating a Winter Wonderland while dreaming of Those Far Away

As a brand, Camella has always had a special place in its heart for the Global Filipinos There is no other word that describes them better than “hero.” They travel great distances away from their families to give those they  care for a better life, a better tomorrow. It is a great sacrifice that they make to leave home and journey to strange lands where life is unfamiliar, in places where people speak languages they do not understand. Their dream for a better future takes them far from those that they make that future for, and while often their adventures may be wonderful, many of them still long for home.

Camella Quezon

Understanding this, in its fairylands of Frost and Mint, Camella echoes the bleakness of families apart and the chill in the December air, but softens it with the warmth in each home and the excitement in each heart.

Camella’s gardens of green and white are metaphors for what makes Christmas the most beautiful time of the year––prayers of hope uttered, and wishes of homecomings doodled in the heart. Here, the longing for someone far away is soothed by the embraces of those nearby, and the colors that glisten on the trees reflect the sparkle in each child’s eye.

There is no better time than Christmas… and there is no better place to spend it than home…  with Camella.

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